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Start up and shut down right.

Starting up and shutting down your tank should be as easy as flipping a switch, right drivers?


If you want your tank to start tomorrow, follow these critical startup and shutdown tips today:

1. Never use the combat start info in TM 9-2350-200-BD-1, Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair--unless you are in combat.

2. Never press the START button for more than one second at a time.

3. Never turn OFF any circuit breaker once the start cycle has begun.

Violating steps 2 or 3 puts too much fuel into the engine. The extra fuel explodes, damaging the engine.

4. Always idle the engine at least two minutes to cool it off before shutdown. And never gun the engine during or after the cool-down period. Idling prevents heat soak, which cracks turbine rotors, clogs oil passages, and ruins the rear module.

Also, ignoring the cool-down period results in enough heat to boil the engine oil. That cokes bearings and clogs oil ports. Dry bearings will ruin the engine.
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