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Start Small, Investing Small; What to Do With $5 to $5,000, 2d ed.

Start Small, Investing Smart What to Do with $5, to $5,000

by Donald R. Nichols, Business One Irwin, 1818 Ridge Road, Homewood, IL

This updated second edition paperback outlines investment opportunities for the small or new investor with regard to new tax laws (if applicable). Within the book's 145 pages, the author illustrates what kinds of options are available for investments of $5 to $5,000. Each of the 15 chapters addresses a specific investment area. For instance, Chapter 4 covers bank, S&L and credit union accounts such as NOW, money market, CD and time deposit accounts as well as IRAs. Chapter 9 details money market funds while Chapter 10 explores IRAs exclusively. Other investment possibilities like precious metals and gems; art and collectibles; foreign currencies, stocks and bonds; penny stocks; and real estate are covered in Chapters 12 and 13. The other chapters outline specialized areas which include risks; common and preferred stocks; corporate, government and municipal bonds; corporate and government securities; and annuities. This illustrative text can be a useful tool to educate your clients interested in exploring their investment opportunities.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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