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Starsailor, "Music Was Saved," Silence Is Easy.

Starsailor, "Music Was Saved," Silence Is Easy (EMI)

One trouble with pop in general is that it is a magnet for straight-shooting true-hearts, guys who devoutly, earnestly work ceaselessly for the betterment of mankind and of course their personal salvation. Or maybe it's late, and I'm saturated to the gills with wave upon wave of young, well-meaning young rockers, who have just enough talent to string together rhyming sestets and play behind them. Starsailor is Brit quartet James Walsh (guitar/vocals), James Stelfox (bass), Ben Byrne (keys), and Barry Westhead (drums), and their message is so upbeat and so uplifting that I'm about to hurl. As their website sez, "this is an album about finding out who you are and where you fit in and about recognizing what gifts you have."

Okay, let's say that only a completely unrepentant, utterly crotchety, jaded old fart could fail to be moved by, well, good news. It's either that or these youngsters (none of which breaks 23) have found the key to fulfillment that eludes the vast majority of the world's population for its collective lifetime. Only the cut I heard on RP and the overdriven "Four to the Floor" rate even a mention. However, if you're up for a shot of good clean fun, then Starsailor's the band for you.
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Publication:Sensible Sound
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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