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Byline: David Wells

Aries Mar 21-Apr 20

THE Sun is high and it's all going on. Your home life gets a boost so all things bricks and mortar, and hearts and minds, need sorting - and with more ease than of late. Say you're sorry, say you're moving, say "yes" to that conservatory. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 461.

Taurus Apr 21-May 21

AS the temptation to spend more cash than you have is taken away, you can relax a little. But think about what you can do to minimise what has already gone on, Taurus. Bursts of nonsensical spending are replaced with stark solutions. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 462.

Gemini May 22-Jun 21

FOR you, the party is over. hand back your cake and candles on the last day of Gemini rule and ask for the bill. Then get used to counting the cost as the Sun shifts into your financial skies for a month of pay back. It's a good thing. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 463.

Cancer Jun 22-Jul 22

AS the Sun enters your sign later today, you're warming up for birthday wishes and another year older. But what happens now? What happens is whatever you want to happen. Is that an odd concept or too true? up and at them. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 464.

Leo Jul 23-Aug 23

WITH Venus in your sign making the most of summer nights and late-night chats, do you really need your ruler, the Sun, making his move into your nostalgic skies, reminding you of a who, what or where? Go back, go forwards? You decide. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 465.

Virgo Aug 24-Sep 23

MATES may not want to let you in on what's going on for a reason. In fact, it's more likely that's the case than they are keeping things from you on purpose, so don't panic.

What's none of your beeswax is best left that way - don't pry. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 466.

Libra Sep 24-Oct 23

HAVING had Venus introduce you to those in the know at work, it's now time to turn what you learnt into action. The Sun is about to reach its highest point - always a signal to get your career into order, Libra. Get up earlier. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 467.

Scorpio Oct 24-Nov 22

ONE life, live it. That's what was blazoned across the back of a car doing 40mph on the inside lane of the motorway. Go slow or fast, enjoy the journey or hurtle towards your destination but have an adventure planned. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 468.

Sagittarius Nov 23-Dec 21

IF there's something you need to say to your other half or someone close to you, it may be better getting around to it today than waiting a while. You're about to lose the Sun's power to ease the conversation - anything to say? To find out more, call me on 09058 171 469.

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 20

PUT your laptop away and take your hands off your mobile phone. Take out a blanket and a bag of crisps, and prepare to spend more time with your beloved - or those friends who would like a catch-up. It's one-on-one time. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 470.

Aquarius Jan 21-Feb 19

YOU'RE at your charming best and the temptation is going to be to flirt your face off with anyone who takes your fancy - but there's work to be done, too. A combo deal lets you do both at the same time today so use those charms. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 471.

Pisces Feb 20-Mar 20

IT still seems to be an expensive time for you, Pisces, and a lot of it you won't be able to do much about. But don't let it put you off some great things coming your way by staying in. Social events bring new opportunities. To find out more, call me on 09058 171 472.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 21, 2010
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