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Stars play for Good Causes.

WITH every pounds 1 you spend on a National Lottery Instants ticket, such as TV Dreams, a massive 28 per cent goes to five good causes.

The money is paid to The National Lottery Distribution Fund (The NDLF) which passes it to 11 distributing bodies of the five good causes.

These are: the National Lottery Charities Board, the Sports Council of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Arts Council of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Millennium Commission.

Since Instants were launched three years ago, the tickets have raised a whopping pounds 896 million for the good causes.

And in tonight's show, four good causes are supplying their own champions to play in games alongside the celebrities.

Juliet Vickery of the British Trust for ornithology will be competing with Olympic swimmer Nick Gillingham.

The bird research group, based in Thetford, Norfolk, has received pounds 140,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund over three years, to help them archive their paper records onto CD Rom.

These include millions of nesting cards dating back to the 1900's which, if piled one on top of the other, would be higher than the BT Tower.

Susan Warren, from the Water of Leith Conservation Trust in Edinburgh, will be battling for the top prize with Steve Houghton of TV's London's Burning.

The Trust has received pounds 2.5 million from the Millennium Commission to help complete a 12-mile walkway from outside the city to the Firth of Forth and to build an information point and visitor's centre.

Lucky Carl Wakefield is competing alongside Game On star Samantha Janus. Carl is head of physical education at The Grays School in Essex, which has received pounds 13,500 from The Sports Council. They set up an indoor cricket school and provide nets, mats and a bowling machine.

And Kim Gordon, who will star alongside EastEnders' Patsy Palmer, is from the International Youth House Project in Leicester. The project has received a pounds 395,420 grant from the Arts Council to help set up a music recording studio and video editing suite within a special centre in the city, to help young people with education, training, information, guidance and advice.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 28, 1998
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