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Stars; Scotland's top astrologer David Wells on the week ahead.


Aries March 21 to April 20 Even though someone at work isn't what you'd call being helpful, maybe they are doing you the biggest favour ever? Someone could be pushing what seems like all the wrong buttons when in fact the outcome is precisely what needs to happen. There's no need to be cool, understanding or flexible, just be honest, admit to what the universe is saying and answer it with action.

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CLEAR THE PATH Cancer June 22 to July 23

At the start of the working week, your ruler the Moon is facing up to Mars then moving on to Saturn. This is a sequence of events that give you another chance to say your piece and to offer terms to enable the changes you want to make moving forward. Grab this opportunity, Cancer, no matter where or with whom. Your armour is on and you're good to go.

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Libra Sept 24 to Oct 23 With Venus and Mercury in your flirty fifth house, your dance card will be full.

Oh, if only you had a dance card, a ball to go to and something with a bit of glamour? Your choice, Libra, as social invites pile in, you could turn it up a notch or go for the same old? At work things are a little confusing this week, stay well away from gossip and any rule bending no matter who asks.

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Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 20 While the money part of your chart may not be causing cash to fall from the sky the least those planets can do, Mercury and Venus, is inspire you and make a money-earning scheme easier for you to get into. Inspiration is nothing to do with perspiration, Capricorn, so happily some mates are ready to push to get you started. Listen to their advice and let go of old fears and habits.

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STRUT YOUR STUFF Taurus April 21 to May 21 When Venus is at the top of your chart - and she is right now - she draws attention to you, Taurus. And while you may not like the idea of that, she is in fact doing you a favour. Even if someone is being a little sharp with their comments, it's only to see what you're really made of for work or perhaps whether or not you can play along in some odd flirting ritual. Eyes on you.

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HAVE CASH CHAT Leo July 24 to Aug 23

As you explore the murky waters of what's happening with your shared finances, commitments or earnings, the only way to be clear about what's needed is to be clear about what's needed. No use in trying to hide anything, be as upfront as an upfront thing. To help things along Venus and Mercury offer dinner, a smile and a realisation that it's all for the best.

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WIN THE GAME Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

When someone isn't paying attention to what you're saying, it really, really annoys you and they know it. It seems games are being played, Scorpio. But if they know being ignored annoys you then they should also know you don't play games. Saturn offers you a chance to share the rules once more and Mars will enforce them if need be - be ready for game over should you need it.

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Aquarius DON'T BE A FLIRT Jan 21 to Feb 19

When you're fronted by two personality planets like Mercury and Venus, you can't help yourself, you're going to be charming, witty and flirty; dreadful isn't it? Not really, unless of course your flirting is taken for anything other than friendly by someone you're really not interested in being anything but friends with. Go easy and be careful where you point your charisma, Aquarius.

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MOVE ON & uP Gemini May 22 to June 21

It's never going to be easy to let someone know you're moving on. But moving on you are and you're excited. You hope they are too. Perhaps what you think is going to be an awkward conversation turns out to be way easier than you'd hoped. Better to have it than to hope you can just slip out the back door, that is not an option. Be brave, courage is rewarded, Gemini.

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KEEP THE PEACE Virgo Aug 24 to Sep 23

Bore the bore off. You can't say that, or worse but you might want to and it's nothing that's not been said before between you and someone you clearly don't get along with. Here's the thing, Virgo, it's just about viewpoints, a different perspective and he or she will always be looking from the other side of the bank. Agree to disagree - or agree to walk in opposite directions.

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LOOK AFTER NO1 Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec 21

Saturn in your sign is still struggling to get Jupiter into line. Asking for his help in a professional matter, and when he's moving in reverse, isn't an easy ask. In short, you're faced with challenges that test your true desires by removing what you're only doing to please others and not necessarily yourself. Be selfish, Sagittarius, not everyone will like it but rather them than you.

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CHECK ALL PLANS Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

While you might have to go over old ground it's more than worth it. Ask the same old questions if you feel you haven't got the answers as clearly as you'd like and get any details you may be working on in writing, be that domestic or professional. You appear to be on the edge of making a grand decision, you need to make sure it's right so go over things as many times as you want.

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