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Birds worth crowing about: Writer on her life with corvids; Bird Woman of Aberdeen". shares her home with rooks, ooks, starlings and magpies but worries about how we treat other animal species. Maggie Ritchie Mar 7, 2021 1277
Bill Bailey: From pining over an Edinburgh bar manageress to the king of Saturday night; There was his startled expression, a look you felt sure would be replicated by a pet back at home, the only question being: which one? At its busiest Bill Bailey's menagerie has consisted of four parrots, two monkeys, a python, a chameleon, assorted fish, two starlings, a few cats and five rescue dogs, three of which he had shipped over from Indonesia. Aidan Smith Dec 22, 2020 971
Snap shows stunning starlings. RORY SMITH Dec 5, 2020 171
Starlings put on a display as they gather in murmurations in Gretna, Scotland; Starlings flock together in large groups to make it difficult for predators to target a single bird, it also keeps them warm. They gather over their autumn roosting site just before dusk and perform their acrobatic whirling motions before setting down for the evening. Andrew O'Brien Oct 23, 2020 243
Airborne Bird Control: Learn how a falconry business is hawking alternative methods of controlling gulls, starlings, and other unwanted avian visitors. Roberts, Kale Oct 1, 2020 2134
Move over starling, it's my turn to eat; WILDLIFE. ALAN WRIGHT Lancashire Wildlife Trust Aug 28, 2020 348
Mesmerising video of swooping starlings; flock of birds soaring above city captured on video. ERIN BLACK Jul 28, 2020 486
City in a flap over Hitchcock's 'Birds' 25 YEARS AGO. JOHN ROWBOTHAM Feb 28, 2020 314
Starlings died from 'natural phenomenon' POLICE PROBE AFTER MORE BIRD DEATHS. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Feb 26, 2020 276
Mystery of 300 starlings found dead in middle of road may have been solved; The flock appeared to have died in mysterious circumstances when they were found strewn across a country lane near Bodedern on Anglesey. By, Amelia Shaw & Mark Waddington Feb 15, 2020 313
Dead starlings 'trying to flee from bird of prey'. Jan 17, 2020 255
Mystery solved of why hundreds of birds suddenly fell from the sky and died; Around 225 starlings died in Anglesey in December. Liam Beard Jan 17, 2020 452
Mystery solved of why hundreds of birds suddenly fell from the sky and died; Around 225 starlings died in Anglesey in December. Liam Beard Jan 17, 2020 452
Concern as starlings suddenly disappear. Jan 4, 2020 297
Stunning starlings are farmers' friends. With Keith Graham Dec 27, 2019 1159
The 'mystery of the falling starlings. Dec 26, 2019 149
Mystery of dead birds strewn across city road; Power line shock, or reflection in road may disorientate starlings. ALEJANDRO JAVIERRE ECHO reporter @LIVECHONEWS Dec 22, 2019 412
Stars of the winter show; seeing sky filled with thousands of starlings is a breathtaking sight. ALAN WRIGHT Lancashire Wildlife Trust Dec 20, 2019 472
death Mystery deepens over of 300 starlings; BIRDS DIED OF 'TRAUMA AND INTERNAL BLEEDING'... BUT EXPERTS DON'T KNOW WHY. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Dec 19, 2019 458
'We didn't kill 225 starlings' RAF REJECT SUGGESTIONS THEY PLAYED ROLE IN MASS BIRD DEATHS. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Dec 13, 2019 441
Mysterious case of starlings. Dec 12, 2019 171
Police probe the mystery of the 300 dead starlings. Dec 12, 2019 188
Mystery as hundreds of starlings die on road By AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter; POLICE PROBE AFTER BIRDS 'DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY'. Dec 12, 2019 403
GO WILDwith eric paylor. Dec 11, 2019 409
The weird and wonderful shape of 60,000 starlings. Dec 3, 2019 151
Feeding time brings young to the bird table. Jul 12, 2019 1202
Starlings make a real racket at my dinner table. Jun 1, 2019 502
Busy time in fight to feed the fledglings. May 24, 2019 1233
Poison, traps and guns in a ceaseless war; The battle against rats, starlings and other pests. Apr 18, 2019 535
Starlings step up to the mark all for Rachel House cause. Oct 26, 2018 318
Baby starlings Ronnie and Reggie rescued from recycling container in Witley; The birds are without a mother and are believed to be about two weeks old. Jun 21, 2018 383
Stars of the show; STARLINGS ARE A GREAT BIRD FOR ALL SEASONS. Jun 7, 2018 427
Starlings fly off with top prizes at Penarth SAC presentation. Apr 27, 2018 631
Comparison of intraosseous pentobarbital administration and thoracic compression for euthanasia of anesthetized sparrows (Passer domesticus) and starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Paul-Murphy, J.R.; Engilis, A.; Pascoe, P.J. Dec 1, 2017 305
Starlings put on dazzling display. Nov 20, 2017 232
Circle Jerks. Dickman, Matthew Poem Nov 1, 2017 185
Secret found of starlings' aerial display. Jul 31, 2017 115
Fall-winter diet of the starling (Sturnus vulgaris) between foraging areas and resting areas near Algiers. Djennas-Merrar, Katia; Berrai, Hassiba; Marniche, Faiza; Doumandji, Salaheddine Report Aug 1, 2016 4472
Rome plagued by starlings. Dec 26, 2015 314
Starlings stage an aerial spectacular. Dec 24, 2015 290
Starlings put on impressive show over pond. Dec 24, 2015 401
Watch incredible starling murmuration above Gateshead captured on video; The mesmerising display of thousands of flying starlings took place above Shibdon Pond in Gateshead. Dec 24, 2015 208
Starlings' 'whirl' in skies of Konya. Dec 11, 2015 224
Starlings' dance enthralls in y-stanbul's Taksim. Dec 10, 2015 122
Low occupancy rates of artificial nest cavities by European Starlings. Seamans, Thomas W.; Blackwell, Bradley F.; Tyson, Laura A. Report Dec 1, 2015 1928
Watch as 'living cloud' of starlings takes flight. Nov 10, 2015 266
Starlings who go hungry as chicks grow into fat adults. Nov 6, 2015 184
Tales of the unexpected; Crime writers have written a series of stories based on images from photographer David Wilson's Pembrokeshire collection. Here we reveal what readers can expect from the chilling tales Amber turns up and things start to change, even more so when her boyfriend Eddie arrives. Jed needs to find a way to make Amber his, and he knows just what to do. Sep 5, 2015 1034
IT'S A HATCHBACK; Incredible survival of starlings born in jeep engine nest after they were driven around city. May 26, 2015 467
Land art proves popular. May 19, 2015 426
Giant sculpture installed at Cramlington's new [pounds sterling]90m emergency care hospital; 'A Murmuration of Starlings' by Juliet and Jamie Gutch with the help of Cramlington Learning Village pupils is located in the main entrance hall. May 14, 2015 553
A pair of Starlings swoop down for a hatful of prizes in the Penarth SAC annual presentation awards. Mar 6, 2015 361
Save us from starling and gull plague, say villagers. Jan 12, 2015 644
'Covert Affairs' Season 5 Recap: Episode 12 'Starlings Of The Slipstream' Aired On Nov. 13, 2014, Auggie And Ryan McQuaid Meet For The First Time In A Special Episode Directed By Christopher Gorham [WATCH VIDEO]. Nov 14, 2014 637
'Covert Affairs' Season 5 Spoilers: Episode 12 'Starlings Of The Slipstream' Airs On Nov. 13, 2014, Annie Goes To Germany To Find A Chemist [WATCH VIDEO]. Nov 13, 2014 618
Starlings left to suffer; Views of the North. Oct 30, 2014 172
Decline continues of starlings, garden robins and blackbirds. Mar 27, 2014 489
Starlings fly to top spot in schools' bird survey. Mar 26, 2014 491
Starlings revealed as most likely visitor. Mar 26, 2014 163
Now THAT'S what you call getting the bird; Starlings signal departure. Oct 24, 2013 183
Starlings flock to success on club's big day; Angling lines. Oct 24, 2013 578
This photo of starlings' acrobatics is top-flight material. Oct 21, 2013 121
STARLINGS (9pm Sky 1); WE LOVE COMEDY DRAMA. Jul 30, 2013 161
'Alarming' drop in sightings of threatened starlings; GARDEN WATCH REVEALS 15% DECLINE OVER 12 MONTHS. Mar 28, 2013 879
Rare phenomenon of starlings in the skies above Israel. Jan 29, 2013 125
'Alarming' drop in starling numbers. Dec 11, 2012 318
Starlings gather but numbers are going down; naturewatch. Nov 27, 2012 328
Flocks that turned the day into night... Apr 11, 2012 436
What is your diagnosis? Report Mar 1, 2012 2009
Study Reveals Reason behind People's Irrational Preferences. Dec 23, 2011 851
Starlings unite for impressive aerial display; Nature Notes. Nov 10, 2011 349
Flocks of thousands of starlings look healthy - but they are a survival SOS; THREATENED 'MAGICAL' SPECIES FINDS SAFETY IN NUMBERS. Nov 16, 2010 568
Starlings are stars of massed aerial displays; nature watch. Nov 9, 2010 342
Starlings putting on a display each night. Oct 28, 2010 111
Starlings' school visit. Mar 23, 2010 197
Starlings in their eyes; NATURE'S SPECTACULAR AIR DISPLAY. Dec 2, 2009 158
Flock attack! Bruno, Tara Mar 16, 2009 333
And You Were Never More There. Rowe, Stephen (Canadian poet) Poem Jun 22, 2008 127
Impact of supplements on iron absorption from diets containing high and low iron concentrations in the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris). Olsen, Geoffrey P.; Russell, Karen E.; Dierenfeld, Ellen; Falcon, Michelle D.; Phalen, David N. Clinical report Jun 1, 2006 4929
A comparison of four regimens for treatment of iron storage disease using the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) as a model. Olsen, Geoffrey P.; Russell, Karen E.; Dierenfeld, Ellen; Phalen, David N. Jun 1, 2006 4116
Grammar's for the birds: human-only language rule? Tell starlings. Milius, S. Apr 29, 2006 504
Bakersfield, CA: black birds. Conour, Dale Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 149
The effects of weather on the Christmas Bird Count. (Social Science, Environmental, Field Biology Poster Session 02:00 PM-03:00 PM). Crabtree, Linda J.; Harvey, Stephen; Deal, Robert Abstract Mar 1, 2003 365
News Of The Wild. Tangley, Laura Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 600
Top Birds Stay Slim And Other Avian News. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 241
Starlings in Decline: Really! Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 248
PestControl. Taber, Mike Column Jul 1, 1998 1109
The energetic costs of alternative rate currencies in the foraging starling. Bateson, Melissa; Whitehead, Sian C. Jun 1, 1996 3671
Pest control. Taber, Mike Jun 1, 1996 1142
Starlings: I'll sing it my way and ours. Brief Article Oct 7, 1995 215
Starlings star in X-ray movies. Eron, Carol Sep 17, 1988 398

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