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Starfish extends its mobile data sync patent position.

Starfish Software, a provider of end-to-end mobile infrastructure solutions for the wireless world, announced recently that it has received its latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office award, patent number US 6,460,051, that allows a user to make further changes to records in the client database while synchronization with a server is in progress, even if the user makes a change to a record that is also being changed by the synchronization.

The patent award further underscores Starfish's leadership in the data mobility and device management markets. Using this patented technology, users are no longer required to be "locked out" of their records while synchronization is in progress. When a user sends changes from a client, such as a wireless phone, to a server, the user can continue making subsequent changes to the database records on the client while waiting for the server to receive the original changes, resolve conflicts, and send any server-side changes back to the client. When the client receives changes from the server, the client determines if the user has changed the corresponding record in the interim and handles it appropriately. If the user has not made further changes to the database records on the client after initiating the synchronization with the server, the client enters the server change. If the user has made further changes, the client takes action to ensure the most current record is used.

This practical application of this patented technology is particularly highlighted in mobile and wireless environments where the response from a server synchronization request may be delayed due to latency or intermittent connections. The user can continue to work with his records in real time and be assured that he will always be working with the most current version of his data. Carrier-class and enterprise-class data solutions demand such robust handling of all synchronization contingencies. Starfish mobile data synchronization technology gives wireless operators, mobile device manufacturers, IT managers and enterprise software developers the power to successfully synchronize mobile data stores and devices, even in complex sequences, such as when records are updated while the synchronization is being performed.

"This key patent recognizes our commitment to mobile data synchronization innovations that solve real problems experienced by mobile device users," said Ms. Gregg Armstrong, president and CEO of Starfish Software. "Mobile data users are accumulating an ever increasing number of devices, applications and server data sets, and are integrating them more fully into their real-time operations. Starfish's advanced solutions empower them to always have the most current information on all devices."

Starfish holds more data synchronization patents than any other synchronization solutions vendor. Leveraging its advanced technology, Starfish offers a comprehensive, integrated and open architecture platform that enables users to enter information once, synchronize it everywhere, and access it anytime from anywhere.

US patent no. 6,460,051 is the latest addition to Starfish's portfolio of 39 issued and allowed patents, the most claimed by any synchronization solutions provider. These patents demonstrate Starfish's strong leadership position in the development of technology for synchronizing data of all types. Starfish's patents include US patent no. 6,449,622, for its innovative and unique system and methods for synchronizing multiple data sets in a non-first in, first out, or asynchronously connected communication environment, and 6,401,104, covering synchronization of multiple data sets and multiple synchronization engines.

Starfish ( offers mobile solution providers the smartest way to deploy end-to-end Managed Mobility solutions using its market-leading TrueSync data synchronization, device management and Simplify connectivity management platforms. Wireless carriers, device manufacturers and software infrastructure and application vendors rely on Starfish because of its proven technology, expertise and ability to deliver. Founded in 1994, Starfish is an independent wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola (NYSE:MOT) and a founding sponsor of the SyncML Initiative.
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Comment:Starfish extends its mobile data sync patent position.(patent number US 6,460,051)
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Date:Oct 7, 2002
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