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Starfish Software Demonstrates SyncML Compliant Solution Using New Sony Clie and Excite@Home Planner.

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DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 29, 2000

Leading Synchronization and Infrastructure Supplier Previews

TrueSync Powered SyncML Solution at SyncML Supporter Summit

Today, Starfish Software, Inc., a leading supplier of complete infrastructure and synchronization solutions for the wireless Internet and a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), successfully showcased a live demonstration of SyncML-enabled wireless TrueSync synchronization solutions with Excite@Home (Nasdaq:ATHM) and Sony Electronics (NYSE:SNE) at the SyncML Supporter Summit in Dublin, Ireland. Utilizing the SyncML protocol transport mechanism, Starfish demonstrated TrueSync wirelessly synchronizing

contact and calendar records between the Sony Clie handheld PDA(a) and the Excite Planner, using the popular GSM tri-band Motorola Timeport P7389. This live demonstration provided a preview to a series of future TrueSync solutions including SyncML compliant PC applications, mobile devices of multiple platforms including Symbian and other emerging technologies, and web-based services. Starfish's SyncML-enabled TrueSync solutions will be available to partners in early 2001.

"SyncML has delivered this revolutionary protocol to the industry and we are very excited to demonstrate these real-life TrueSync implementations using products deployed by globally established players in personal electronics like Sony Electronics and personalized wireless portals like Excite@Home." said Philippe Kahn, CEO of Starfish Software. "Starfish continues to be the technology of choice for vendors of devices and applications who want a complete, end-to-end Personal Information infrastructure solution. SyncML further extends Starfish's commitment to deliver unmatched wireless solutions to customers and partners around the world."

Next Generation Palm OS-Powered Sony Clie

Sony Electronics recently selected Starfish's TrueSync Technology to broaden the Clie's functionality to include TrueSync's one-click, multi-point synchronization of calendar, address book, notes and to do lists between the Clie, Palm Desktop, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Organizer. As part of the TrueSync network of supported devices, Clie users can easily synchronize other supported handheld devices, desktop PIMs and Web-based calendars for instant access to updated information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Clie users will soon have the added benefit of synchronizing their Clie with Excite Planner at

SyncML-enabled TrueSync Powers Excite Planner

Further displaying Starfish's expertise in developing a complete and customizable infrastructure and synchronization solution is the Excite Planner. Starfish designed and developed Excite Planner in cooperation with Excite@Home to give millions of Excite users instant access to their personal information from any Internet device or computer around the world. For example, the Excite Planner, built on Starfish's TrueSync server, is located in California, while the wireless SyncML-enabled TrueSync synchronization was initiated and completed in Dublin, Ireland today.

"We've combined Starfish's infrastructure and synchronization expertise with the accessibility and popularity of our content and applications." said Rob Wilen, senior director and group manager for Wireless at Excite@Home. "Our history and focus on personalization enables us to deliver the information a user is most interested in and put it at their fingertips, regardless of location and which device they are using. The robust SyncML enabled TrueSync server upon which Excite Planner is built gives our base of 76 million registered users the confidence of knowing their information is the right information, everywhere, everytime."

TrueSync Delivers Seamless Synchronization with One-Click

Only TrueSync provides true multi-point synchronization -- a fast, easy way for users to synchronize among all the supported phones, devices, PIMs and Internet address books with a single click, including Palm-OS Powered devices like the Sony Clie, Pocket PC and Windows CE devices, Motorola wireless phones and paging products, supported Ericsson and Nokia wireless phones, Excite Planner, Yahoo! Calendar and Address Book, Microsoft(TM) Outlook(TM), Lotus Organizer(TM), Lotus Notes(TM), ACT!(TM), Schedule+, Sidekick(R)and TrueSync(R) Desktop. And only TrueSync gives users the capability to download updates for future phones, devices and other applications, absolutely free.

About SyncML

Sponsored by IBM, Lotus, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Inc., Psion and Starfish Software, the SyncML Initiative develops and promotes an open industry specification for universal data synchronization of remote data and personal information across multiple networks, platforms and devices. The SyncML Initiative is open for participation to a wide range of industries including device manufacturers, synchronization vendors, service providers and application developers. Companies interested in joining are encouraged to contact the SyncML Initiative today to become part of the team and deliver the SyncML specification available later this year. For more information on The SyncML Initiative, how to join the SyncML, details of technical specifications and more, visit

About Starfish

Starfish Software is a leading supplier of end-to-end synchronization software and infrastructure solutions for the wireless Internet. The company leverages its widely-deployed TrueSync technology to develop and deploy next-generation synchronization solutions for wireless phone and device manufacturers, wireless carriers and leading Internet portals. An industry leader and technology innovator, Starfish is one of the founders of the SyncML Initiative, an industry movement to pioneer an open industry specification for synchronization of remote data and personal information across multiple networks and devices.

Starfish customers and partners include leading Internet Service providers, wireless phone and device manufacturers, and telecommunications leaders, such as Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO), Excite@Home (Nasdaq:ATHM), Motorola (NYSE:MOT), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HWP) and Sony (NYSE:SNE). Founded in 1994, Starfish is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Motorola (NYSE: MOT) with headquarters in Scotts Valley, CA.

(a)This was a demonstration of emerging technology from Starfish, and is not currently available for the Clie or Excite Planner.
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Date:Sep 29, 2000
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