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Starchat Harvey Keitel.

The 76-year-old film legend has starred in classics like Pulp Fiction Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Reservoir Dogs and is also a familiar face on our TVs for insurance ads. The father-of-three is now starring with Michael Caine in comedy Youth, an English language film written and directed by Italian genius Paolo Sorrentino. You've been a Hollywood star since the 70s. How do you cope with fame? It's enjoyable to be recognised for your work and I suppose for my beautiful body and face. It can become admirable whatever the work is, if the person doing it admires it themselves.

Where do you find inspiration? When my daughter Stella, who's now 30, was about three years old. We were playing together and she wanted to play mummy and baby. I think I said, "First of all, I'm not mummy, I can't do that". She said, "I know daddy, I just go like this...", and she made these sucking sounds without touching my chest. Then she finished drinking her imaginary milk and she said, "it's your turn daddy". And I said, "I can't do that. I'm not a baby and you're not mummy", and she said something that changed my life. She said, "It's just imagination". That taught me so much about being uptight, you know, strict, rigid... it made me understand the imagination more than I ever had. That it's OK to imagine, it's OK to play. Do you learn from your youngest - son Roman, 11? I'm interested in him becoming a person of experience and then he'll teach me. He said to me the other day, "I'm lucky dad because you have your hair. It means I'll have mine". ? Youth is out in cinemas now.

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Date:Jan 30, 2016
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