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Star who put glam into piano.


Reputations (BBC 2, 9.00pm)

HE was camper than a row of tents and made Larry Grayson look butch, but Liberace could never tell his adoring fans that he was gay.

During a visit to the UK in 1956, he was branded by one paper as a "sniggering, snuggling, scent-impregnated, quivering, fruit flavoured, mincing heap of mother love". Liberace sued and won to quash the suggestion he was gay and the quest to hide the truth dominated the rest of his life.

The outrageous pianist in the rhinestones and mink, he of the Arctic-white smile was the highest grossing entertainer in the world thanks to his army of mostly middle-aged female fans.

In 1986, he retreated to his mansion in Palm Springs and died the following year of an Aids-related illness. We'll hears from family and friends and see glimpses of his life and relationship to unveil the man behind the image.


Bad Girls (ITV, 9.00pm)

ZANDRA has been telling everyone that her headaches are something much more sinister - and tonight we find out that a pair of glasses won't cure her problem.

The jail is up in arms. The ex-junkie has already had to give her baby away and inmates and some wardens are angry that, given her medical condition, she is not allowed to leave Larkhall.

McAllister seems to be more concerned than most. Does he have deeper feelings that he should have? It would be a surprise if he doesn't because the staff and inmates are all at it judging by this programme.

With Zandra ill, Crystal has to make a difficult decision. Does she stay in jail to look after her ailing friend or does she leave for a better life with Josh?

The nasty childhood of Shell Dockley comes back to haunt her as we meet her mum. And if you think Shell is evil, wait until you meet Rita.


The Bill (ITV, 8.00pm)

POOR Jim Carver crossed the line when he hit the bottle and now he's at it again. Will he never learn?

When Carver investigates a robbery he finds himself being trusted by the family of the chief suspect. The show begins when a team from rival Barton Street are on the trail of a stolen car involved in a supermarket robbery. After it crashes, PC Brennan is stabbed.

Meanwhile, Sun Hill police find the badly-beaten body of Mark Okin. His folks claim it was a racist attack but, the officers suspect it has more to do with the robbery.

Carver is made liaison officer for the Okin family, but when a coat is found and identified as being worn by one of the robbers he doesn't tell the family - despite being asked to do so by DS Daly.

As usual, Carver is up to his neck in dodgy dealings - even when he isn't aware he's doing anything wrong.


Chelsea Flower Show (Channel 4, 8.30pm)

IF gardens are your bag then the Chelsea Flower Show is the Crufts of the blooming world.

This more detailed look at the medal winners from this year's show will reveal which garden has won the coveted "best in show" award. I can tell you now that the owner won't feed it Pedigree Chum.

Monty Don is joined by garden designers Carol Klein and John Brookes to discuss what the medals tell us about where gardening is going.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 2000
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