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Star signs.

Gemini 5/21-6/21

JUNE Wow--things are pretty great. School is behind you, you're feelin' all energetic and, hey, it's your birthday! Looks like you'll be getting everything you want on the big day. That is, as long as you're not expecting an excessive My Super Sweet 16 shindig.

JULY Party's over, but all that happy is spilling into this month! Enjoy, and spread the love at home--or during vacation.

SUMMER SCOPE As much as you love to go out and flap your wings, you might be staying close to the nest this season. Use your school break to redo your room or boardgame-bond with the fam.

Leo 7/23-8/22

JUNE Ah, summer. Sunshine, swimming, sandals, fresh produce, flower gardens--and no school! Savor the moment, lioness.

JULY OK, the kick-back, relish-every-glorious-day vibe of summer is getting bo-ring Time to pump it up a notch or two. Fire things up--ride your bike, take a hike, spike a volleyball. Get out there and make your own fun!

SUMMER SCOPE Set a date for a super shopping spree. Lola sees you getting loads of birthday moolah--mall trip!

Virgo 8/23-9/22

JUNE Busy worker-bee season for you, Virgo. A part-time job maybe? Volunteering at the rec? An art workshop? Keep buzzin' along because all your hard work is gonna pay off in play time, too. Work barbecues, rec dances, art receptions. Yeah!

JULY Girl, you're lookin' fine. So shop! Summer clearance is in the air. Adorn yourself with fab accessories--belts, bangles and dangle earrings.

SUMMER SCOPE Pamper yourself, dah-ling. Loll by the pool (sunscreen please!), paint your toenails purple, and sip pink lemonade.

Libra 9/23-10/23

JUNE Expect summer crushes--that's plural. You'll meet boys at parties, through friends, at the pool. Flirt your heart out, but don't fail hard for a hottie you hardly know. Take it slow, grasshopper

JULY You're diggin' fam time. Maybe you and the 'rents are hitting the road. Make the most of a vacay by doing the group thing full-on. Suggested activities: mini golf, bumper cars, water slides.

SUMMER SCOPE You might find yourself with some solo spots in your summer schedule. Friends away on vacation, parents chained to their work desks? Make the best of your alone time by focusing on ... you!

Cancer 6/22-7/22

JUNE You've got a birthday coming up! Or should we say, "payday"? Expect lots of bills to flutter out of your b-day cards. And that one big gift you've got on your list? Looks like somebody's gonna step up and get it for ya. (Don't forget thank-you's.)

JULY Life is full of choices. Cliche, yes, But if there's something you don't like about something, do something about it.

SUMMMER SCOPE Looks like most of the parties and BBQs will be home-based. When not in your own backyard, the 'rents will be dragging you to lots of social stuff. And you're lovin' it!

Scorpio 10/24-11/22

JUNE Use free time to free your mind. Your brain could use a break from textbook boredom, but how about reading something that isn't required? Take a stroll to the library--it's air-conditioned!

JULY You want the folks to serve up hot-weather extra privileges, right? Later curfew, ice-cream cash, sleepovers! Shouldn't be a prob--as long as you're willing to take on more responsibility.

SUMMER SCOPE Sure, school's out. But you should take classes. Get into watercolors, diving, underwater photography--whatever floats your boat.

Sagittarius 11/23-12/21

JUNE You're surrounded by crush potential. Skater bois, bookworms, motorheads, sports studs. Ah, the dance of summer romance.

JULY You're celebrating the Fourth by declaring your independence. Who cares about popularity and peer pressure? You're about you, but don't blow off everybody. A girl needs sister support, so stick with the system. Good friends give good advice.

SUMMER SCOPE Your summer is shining with friendship love. You'll be surrounded with buds (old and new) for most of the sunny season.

Capricorn 12/22-1/20

JUNE You and your BF have lots more time together. No boyfriend? No worries. Lola predicts you will meet a crush who's on the creative side. An artist, a guitarist or maybe even a ... magician (it does feel like magic, after all).

JULY You really blossoming. Not only do you look amazing, but you're becoming a deeper thinker. Your beauty is sparkling from the inside out.

SUMMER SCOPE Lola sees a paying summer gig in your aura. Maybe you'll land a part-time position at the snowcone stand, pick up some daytime babysitting jobs or earn dough for your extra around-the-house chore load.

Aquarius 1/21-2/18

JUNE School's closed, but you didn't leave the drama department behind. Your crush life is kinda dramatic but not in a tragic way. You're having flirtatious fun, and that's OK! Beach parties, outdoor concerts and amusement parks are the settings.

JULY Time for a social shakedown. Instead of a huge posse of so-so friends, focus on the finer few. True-blues are worth their weight in gold.

SUMMER SCOPE You're the social butterfly. But no mindless, goof-off get-togethers for you. You prefer to stimulate the brain cells by sitting front-row at summer theater productions, attending politically charged free concert fests or organizing a bud-bonding paperback book club.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

JUNE Feeling the need to compete? Sign up for swim team, take tennis lessons, enter the talent contest. And keep in mind that winning isn't every ... but it sure would be cool!

JULY Looks like you're morphing into quite the Money-making machine, Miss Fish--big-buck babysitting gigs, allowance at home for chores well done, selling your wacky wares at craft fairs. Now, though, is not the time to hike up your prices. Instead, continue to rake it in at the current rate and focus on your savings savvy.

SUMMER SCOPE Lola smells a sweet summer romance in the air, but will the romantic mood make a change with the leaves come fall? You'll know what to do by season's end so, for now, don't sweat it. Just have fun in the sun, and savor the summer lovin'.

Aries 3/21-4/19

JUNE Uh-oh. You might be starting the summer off with friendship conflicts. But this could be a good thing. Really. It gives you the chance to examine your relationships with the gals and how you can improve the groove.

JULY The babysitting biz is beckoning to you. Maybe you'll land a gig as a helper at the daycare center or volunteer to read storybooks in the children's library. Whatever it is, Lola is pretty sure you are about to enter Tot Town.

SUMMER SCOPE Expect lots of party plans to jam-pack your hot schedule. End-of-school parties, pool parties, stay-inside-where-it's-cool parties!

Taurus 4/20-5/20

JUNE Just because class is dismissed doesn't mean you can't take some summer courses. Try ceramics, photography or pilates. Or get the best education of all--travelling! Make the most of fam vacations by exploring the unfamiliar.

JULY You've been running on overdrive, so clock in a little idle time. Plant yourself in front of a DMD (Lola recommends Spider-Man 2) or under a tree with a good read (check out My 13th Season by Kristi Roberts). Can't sit still? Lock yourself in your room until it's totally reorganized.

SUMMER SCOPE Stay on the active track by signing up for summer lacrosse, taking power walks or working it on the basketball court. Just do it. But just don't overdo it.
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