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Star signs.

Taurus 4/20-5/50

APRIL School is important and all, but so is your sanity. Pouring your heart into your studies is certainly admirable, but if you really want to maintain peak performance, you've gotta recharge your batteries. Give the brain an occasional break by doing something relatively mindless. Donkey Konga, anyone?

MAY My, my. You're looking and feeling fine. You're oozing serf-confidence, and it's mighty attractive. Harness your energy into the productive and positive. Don t just stand there looking pretty--take action! Rally to raise money for tsunami survivors, vie for next year's top editorial spot on the school paper, or sign up for a summer theater workshop.

THE TAURUS MOM A Taurus mom is down-to-earth and practical, wrapped up in one tidy package. Once she makes up her mind, there's little room for resilience. Sorry, but don't expect her to bend if you haven't earned the extra privileges. Your best bet?. Back off and approach it another day, another way.

Gemini 5/21-6/21

APRIL Friendships might get a little shimmy and shake this month--expect a few conflict. Handle issues with finesse, and you and the crew could come out closer. Work through the yuck!

MAY Twin girl, you're buckling down with the books. You're giving 100 percent to academic matters, and it'll show on your report card. Expect words like, "conscientious," "excelling" and "pleasure to have in class."

THE GEMINI MOM Your mom is complex because she has two sides, which can be confusing to unsuspecting daughters. She's calm and level-headed one second but snappish the next? Pay attention to her twin personalities, and embrace them! She's special lady who majorly affects people.

Cancer 6/22-7/22

APRIL Deciding you need a makeover of the un-extreme variety? Go for a new 'do, duds and dietary habits. A little gloss and lots of exercise, and you'll be fab from the inside out, dahling.

MAY Have a boyfriend? Things should be in synch. BF-free? That could be about to change. Someone might secretly be in hot pursuit of you--maybe even a dude you've known for, like, ever. Hmm ... who could it be?

THE CANCER MOM Your mother is probably home more than she's out, and she loves being your mom! She probably gives you lots of hugs, right?. Annoying as that might be (especially in front of friends--ugh), know that she can't help it. Your affectionate mama is definitely driven by emotion.

Leo 7/23-8/22

APRIL Wow! You and the parents are getting along really, really well lately. Exceptionally so. You get them; they get you. It's coot to stay close with the folks. Seriously. Communication and respect add up to major plusses in the privilege department.

MAY Family relations are still going strong. Pssst ... might be a good time to ask for an increase in allowance--and, hey, curfew too. Just remember that with all this newfound freedom comes extra responsibility. So don't blow it!

THE LEO MOM She's the queen of the household, and nobody can knock her off that throne. Who would want to? While your mother is strong-willed and runs a tight ship, she's also diplomatic and classy. She handles things with a great deal of grace--and is probably dressed like royalty to boot]

Virgo 8/23-9/22

APRIL Change is in the air. You've switched extracurriculars, perhaps? Or you and your sister are actually sharing stuff?. Or ... oh ... maybe a new boy has moved into the neighborhood!

MAY You've got non-academic stuff swirling around at school. Dance committee, yearbook staff and so much more. Your involvement isn't going unrecognized. People notice---and respect--your commitment.

THE VIRGO MOM Mom is an idealist and perfectionist, so living up to her expectations is often a challenge. But you can learn from this smart lady, so watch her closely. Absorb by example, and don't let her sometimes harsh criticism cut to your psyche--she's just as demanding of herself.

Libra 9/23-10/23

APRIL Pulled in 100 different directions? School stress, social issues and family stuff demand your attention. You are a master at the art of balance, remember? Deal at your own pace. Throw some yoga into the mix. Relax, breathe.

MAY Whether it's a crush at first sight or didn't-see-it-coming breakup. something sudden is likely to happen on Planet Romantic.

THE LIBRA MOM When you and the sibs (or buds) have fallouts, your mom is the perfect mediator. She has the ability to get to the core of both sides of a conflict. She's a natural-born peacemaker and, ultimately, can help bring harmony to just about any uncomfortable situation.

Scorpio 10/24-11/22

APRIL Hey, is somebody spreading nasty (and totally untrue!) rumors? Put your own spin on the situation by showing people who you really are. No need to defend when your actions demonstrate the true you--way louder than words.

MAY Spring-vacationing? Avoid the over-planning trap. Sticking to a hectic schedule can suck the fun out of the trip. Go with the flow, and enjoy the serendipitous stuff a vacation serves up.

THE SCORPIO MOM Your mom is a deep thinker and probably spiritually centered. No emotional stagnating going on with her--she's about her continued personal growth. Does she take a load of classes? Read a lot? Sure, but she also knows when to cut loose and have fun!

Sagittarius 11/23-12/21

APRIL It's grow-up time for your room, so launch a re-do. Rid the ruffles, toss the teddies, and just say no to powder pink. Hello to far-out, tab and funky!

MAY Your social life is hop-hop-hopping. All-ages clubs, festivals, parties--if it's happening, you're there. And there's no shortage of cuties. But you're looking for more than cute. You want a boy with substance.

THE SAGITTARIUS MOM She's always aiming for self-improvement, and she probably loves to travel. She's Adventure Mom! She likes to learn by experiencing life, so it wouldn't be surprising if your mother is the one talking the family into trying, say, rock-climbing during spring break. Gear up.

Capricorn 12/22-1/20

APRIL Uh-oh, conflict. Could be with a crush or maybe a friend, but don't freak. It's something that's been brewing awhile, and the air needed to be cleared. Ah, a beautifully fresh start.

MAY Morph yourself into ready-for-summer mode. Exercise in your swimsuit. Practice self-tanner application. Hit the fresh produce stand. Yes, healthful eating. And a cucumber/avocado facial.

THE CAPRICORN MOM Your mother is a savvy problem solver. Having trouble in school, double-booked your weekend, can't figure out a BF dilemma? Seek some sensible advice from your mom. She'll coolly and carefully weigh the sitch to help you come up with a reasonable solution.

Aquarius 1/21-2/18

APRIL Overbooked? Scale the crazy schedule back. It's a wonder you have time to breathe!

MAY You'll be pulling faro outings, celebratory dinners, graduation ceremonies. Have your smile on--someone will be camera-crazy.

THE AQUARIUS MOM She sucks information up like a sponge and puts her own interpretive spin on it. She's not meditating--she's analyzing.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

APRIL Lola smells money. Maybe you'll score a summer job or get a hike in the ol' allowance.

MAY Since school is coming to a close, focus on family. Ask Mom to take you swimsuit shopping.

THE PISCES MOM No, she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head, but she could be reading your mind. She's intuitive.

Aries 3/21-4/19

JUNE Set a goal, and go for it. Want that spot in the play? Audition your booty off, Miss Ram.

JULY You're jam-packed with juicy crush options. Go for a guy with the qualities that get you going: smarts, sense of humor, generous spirit. And cute.

THE ARIES MOM You can often find an Aries woman spreading the word soapbox fashion because she's definitely not all talk--she's about action!
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