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Star isn't shining here but it's still Viva Lass Vegas; SPECIAL REPORT: SCOTS STAR SHEENA EASTON HITS BACK.


HER accent may be more Broadway than Bellshill these days, but make no mistake, Sheena Easton is tripping the light fantastic once again.

Ticket sales for her US gigs have gone through the roof, confounding critics at home and abroad.

The 42-year-old comeback queen, whose career nose-dived in the 1980s, has just sold more than 10,000 tickets for a greatest hits show in Las Vegas.

Richard Langlois, of the Las Vegas Hilton, admitted her success is "a big shocker for all of us".

The singer vowed never to set foot in Scotland again after she was "bottled" and booed off stage at The Big Day on Glasgow Green in 1990.

Many Scots felt she had abandoned her roots as well as taking on an irritating American twang.

She later confessed she was shocked at being pelted with missiles - which included bottles filled with urine - admitting: "It was probably my most embarrassing moment on stage."

Born Sheena Shirley Orr, she was just six when her dad died. Her mum struggled to bring her and her five brothers up alone.

Sheena became "hooked" on getting attention and wanted to be a singer. Her big break came when she was 21.

The drama student shot to stardom after appearing on The Big Time - a Popstars-like documentary in 1980.

Over the next 20 years she amassed a pounds 20million fortune.

Her 1980 hit Modern Girl and follow-up smash hit 9 to 5 saw her crack both the US and UK charts.

And she sang the James Bond theme For Your Eyes Only as well as performing U Got The Look with Prince.

But, by the late 1980s, her singing career was on the fast track to oblivion and a move into acting also appeared doomed to failure.

She made her TV debut as Don Johnson's wife in Miami Vice and took roles in musicals Grease and Man of La Mancha.

She made her starring debut, as the voice of an Irish setter dog in the animated movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2.

Just four months ago her starring role in Las Vegas musical At The Copa was axed due to poor sales.

And a bid last year to revive her singing career flopped when her comeback album, Fabulous, struggled into the charts at number 178.

But all these bids for stardom were made in the US where, in 1992, she finally took citizenship.

Two years later she adopted a baby boy, Jake, followed later by a girl, Skylar. But her personal life followed the same rollercoaster ride as her career, and three failed marriages merely added to her pain.

Her first marriage, to Sandi Easton in 1978, fell apart in the wake of her success on The Big Time.

She then split from her agent Rob Light just 18 months after their 1984 wedding.

And in 1997, she wed director Tim Delarm just three weeks after meeting him. Inevitably, they divorced 11 months later.

But after years of trying to get back on track Sheena seems to have finally cracked it.

She recently got hitched for the fourth time to a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon.

And her new show has been moved to a bigger venue to cope with the demand for tickets.

Maybe her time really has come round again.


THE LOOK: Sheena, 42, has put both her flagging career and personal life behind her; DEBUT: With Johnson in Miami Vice; DOOMED: With second hubby Rob; HIGH & LOW: The sexy singer, and at the Big Day, left; BELLE-SHILL: Sheena as a wee girl; HOME: She grew up in Bellshill; HIGHLIGHTS: In the 80s, left, and with a Mirror award
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2001
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