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Star charts for summer.

Evening sky in summer, looking north-east

Orion the Hunter, with its famous Belt Stars and the orange-red Betelgeuse, dominates summer evening skies. Above the Belt, in the Sword, is the bright nebula Messier 42, visible with binoculars and breathtaking through a telescope. To Orion's right lies Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. To Orion's left, in Taurus, are two beautiful naked-eye open clusters: the Pleiades and the V-shaped Hyades. Below Taurus lie Perseus and Auriga (with brilliant Capella). The stellar Twins, Castor and Pollux in Gemini, lie below Orion. Between Procyon (in Canis Minor, the Smaller Dog) and Sirius is the dim constellation Monoceros, rich in telescopic objects. Regulus in Leo is rising in the east, while above it is sinuous Hydra the Water Snake with its brightest star Alphard.

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Evening sky in summer, looking south-east

The Southern Cross (Crux) is very low in the south. Although it is always above the horizon from Cape Town, buildings or trees to the south may hide it from view. The long arm of Crux points to Achernar, 60[degrees] away, the 9th brightest star in the night sky. Achernar marks the southern end of Eridanus (the River), which meanders high overhead, ending at the feet of Orion the Hunter. Above Crux is an asterism of four stars making a larger, dimmer cross, the False Cross. The longer arm of the False Cross points roughly to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). Higher up, above the False Cross, is Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky. A line from Canopus through the LMC points to the Small Magellanic Cloud.

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