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Star Wars Battlefront II XBOX ONE, PS4, PC.

MUCH like the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront, its successor has been released on the crest of the hype for the new movie.

But unlike Star Wars Battlefront, the sequel hasn't been quite as well received - and it's a shame.

In many ways Battlefront II is a far superior game, EA has done a great job in tweaking and improving the gameplay.

There's a satisfying, if short, single-player campaign which is a welcome addition.

There's a wider choice of iconic characters to play as, graphically the battle locations are jawdroppingly beautiful, and blasters feel more substantial.

Then they took that blaster, and aimed it at their foot.

Even before the game hit stores there was an outcry over its loot crate economy - and the progression tied to it. Basically, each multiplayer match earns you credits - around 200 to 300 a go. Those credits can be used to buy loot boxes, and unlock playable characters.

The loot boxes themselves contain upgrades, cosmetic items and other odds and sods - nothing really to complain about.

The issue comes when you want to unlock a big character - specifically, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader - that'll cost you 15,000 credits, or 30,000 for the pair (and that's reduced from the original eyewatering 60,000 each.) Now my maths isn't great, but to me that's upwards of 55 multiplayer matches to just unlock one character - and that's spending credits on nothing else.

At first you could bypass all that by purchasing virtual credits with your real, hard-earned money.

And if the first Battlefront felt like a love letter to fans, this felt like the sneak thief who rifles through your drawers for cash while you're distracted by the action.

But now Disney-owned Lucasfilm has weighed into the mix, a move which has seen EA temporarily remove microtransactions from Battlefront. The developer says they will return, but only after they've worked out how to make them fairer.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Nov 25, 2017
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