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Star Signs.

FEBRUARY: Break out of those four walls into the great outdoors, and breathe in some crisp, fresh, wintery air. While you're at it, take up a snow sport since there's still some accumulation in the forecast. It'll do your body good.

MARCH: Well, snow melts. Bummer. But you needed to slow down anyway. You can still keep up a steady pace with brisk walks, in-line skating stints or skateboarding treks around the 'hood. Bring your dog Duchessalong for company.

CRUSH FORECAST: Flirtations are flying in your face. Fun! Don't be shy. If the right guy gives ya the eye, that's your cue. Already have a boy? Flirt with him!

Pisces 2/19-3/20

FEBRUARY: Set boundaries, Pisces. Ya got too much goin' on all at once, and your little fins are in a total tailspin. How well you master a balancing act could mean the duff between sink or swim.

MARCH: Can't sit still? Well, then don't! Simple as that. Get up off your toosh and push yourself to the limit. Invigorating.

CRUSH FORECAST: Hate to say it, but dream boy could turn out to be a nightmare. Stay alert so you don't miss the real deal when it comes your way. Ya snooze, ya lose.

Aries 3/21-4/19

FEBRUARY: Mom's been giving you double dishwasher and laundry duty? Try a chit-chat about how too many chores cut into homework time. Tell her you need to skip the suds to soak in some studies. Then do it!

MARCH: OK, all that studying is causing brain drain. Keep up the good work, but pull the plug on the overtime. A girl's gotta play.

CRUSH FORECAST: You won't have to wait 'til V-day to have someone capture your eye...and your mind. Yeah, he's cute--but he's also a brainiac like you! Nothing like setting off on common ground.

Taurus 4/20-5/20

FEBRUARY: School is front and center. Some fellow students aren't so impressed with your academic success? So what! Take the stage, and score all the A's you can, Ace.

MARCH: With Mars all over your aura this month, you're probably feeling all fired up! Expend that bursting energy aggressively. As in a sport (like fencing), not foolish fighting.

CRUSH FORECAST: Valentine's Day should be sweet but, after a few weeks, things could sour.

Gemini 5/21-6/21

FEBRUARY: You're in major leadership mode at the moment. Use your take-charge 'tude to get others charged up about some cool cause or charity.

MARCH: Turn St. Patty's Day into a party day! Toss a celebration scene that's totally green.

CRUSH FORECAST: Stop searching so hard for Mr. Romance. Seems he could be right under your toesies. Take a closer look at a guy bud, the neighbor boy, your lab partner. See?

Cancer 6/22-7/22

FEBRUARY: Unfortunately, this is prime time for conflicts--at school, between friends, with fam. Remember, everybody loses when rifts go awry. Work at restoring important relationships, and you'll come out a winner!

MARCH: Smart girl for taking your studies so seriously. You're setting the stage for a future in the spotlight. Bow now.

CRUSH FORECAST: An old flame could light up your life. Could be a sweet e-card from that boy at camp. You've got mail!

Leo 7/23-8/22

FEBRUARY: You're spreading major good vibes all over the place. Your genuine good girliness could even open the door for some golden opps. G'luck!

MARCH: Your competitive spirit is driving you down a freeway of even more fortitude. Don't let any sticklers throw a wrench into your plans.

CRUSH FORECAST: For you lionesses who are already latched on to some lucky guy, looks like a lovely time to talk--privately. To the unattached, learn to love thyself.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

FEBRUARY: Group projects could suddenly turn into a one-girl show. As in, you're carrying the whole load while your cohorts coast along lazily. Give 'em a powerful pep talk. If they still don't budge, let 'em eat your dust!

MARCH: Can't wait for spring break? Take a mini vacation at home. Spin some island tunes, spread on a little self-tanner, and put a paper umbrella in your strawberry smoothie.

CRUSH FORECAST: Deep, deep stuff going on in the crush zone. You guys are ready to talk about your (gulp) true feelings.

Libra 9/23-10/23

FEBRUARY: Sports are supposed to be tons of fun, right? So why do you continue to stay on a team that causes you such tremendous strain? Get your rear in gear, and go after your real goals.

MARCH: Easy with the spending spree, Miss Libra. Waste away your stash and it'll be eons before you'll have the bucks to blow on that biggie buy you've been dreaming about.

CRUSH FORECAST: The road to romance is mostly smooth, but sometimes bumpy. Just don't run any red lights, and follow the speed limit. Slow, sister, slow.

Scorpio 10/24-11/22

FEBRUARY: Stop letting the little stuff get under your skin, Scorp. One word: chill.

MARCH: Bugged about a bad-news bud who continually bends the rules? Just keep your own spine straight and you shouldn't feel the sting of somebody else's stupid actions.

CRUSH FORECAST: Someone's sweet on you, so see if you can squeeze him into your super-busy schedule. Lola's pretty sure he's worth penciling in.

Sagittarius 11/23-12/21

FEBRUARY: The Time Machine ain't got nothin' on you, girlfriend! Your life is an adventure. So get out there and live it!

MARCH: You're to be admired because you're truly a girl of conviction. You're on a personal crusade, and it looks like there's no chance of missing your mark. Ready, aim...

CRUSH FORECAST: Yearning for a most memorable Valentine's Day? You can make memories with or without a boy at your side. Go nuts making funny faces in the picture booth at the arcade. Then curl up at home on the couch with some Orville Redenbacker and a good emotional vid. Lola recommends The Man in the Moon.

Capricorn 12/22-1/20

FEBRUARY: Go get 'em, Cappy! But be very, very careful not to step on anyone's toes. The key to getting your way without getting in someone else's way? Communication. You know what that means, don't you? Major phone and IM time!

MARCH: Look inside yourself, and go after those deep-seated dreams. What? You think dreaming is synonymous with fantasizing? Wrong! Reality rocks. It's time to surround yourself with peeps of similar interests and aspirations. Reach for the stars!

CRUSH FORECAST: Trying to conjure up the absolutely perfect Valentine's date? Lola has some suggestions. Go for a leisurely stroll through the sculpture museum, take in a poetry slam at the corner cafe, and then order take-out dessert to share on your back porch by the sizzling chimnea. Sounds dreamy, huh? Remember, dreams can come true.

RELATED ARTICLE: What's his sign?

Ask a guy for his astrological sign and you've gone for the most old-school line in the book. But, hey, Lola swears his birthdate might give you some major insight into what kinda boy you could be all stary-eyed for....

Aquarius--The Water Bearer

This boy might be a bit stubborn, but that means he likes to do things his own way. Tres admirable.

Pisces--The Fish

He's sensitive, perceptive and insightful. A tough trilogy of qualities to find in a guy. But look out--this one may have bad boy tendencies.

Aries--The Ram

The guy's got conviction and is likely taking charge of the reins in some crusade or another. Charge!

Taurus--The Bull

If you're looking for someone to stick around for the long haul, he might be the boy for you. Heck, devotion could be his middle name.

Gemini--The Twins

He loves to live life to the max! And he's smart too. Probably reads The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. Can you match his wit?

Cancer--The Crab

This is the guy for you if you like lots and lots of TLC (that's tender loving care). He oughta tune right in to your emotional needs. Nice.

Leo--The Lion

We're talkin' one suave and debonair dude here. Get ready to be swept off your feet in a single heartbeat.

Virgo--The Virgin

He's a true perfectionist and straight-up stickler for detail. Don't sit down because this one likes to be on constant overdrive.

Libra--The Balance

This is the kind of boy you can bring home to meet the parents. He's super polite and knows when to turn on the charm.

Scorpio--The Scorpion

He has an air of mystery about him but, at the same time, he's the picture of charisma. Up for an awesome adventure?

Sagittarius--The Archer

This conqueror is constantly chasing his dreams. But he won't stomp on any toes along the way because he's such a nice boy.

Capricorn--The Goat

On the lookout for a good listener? He'll happily hear you out for hours on end and then help you work out the perfect solutions to all your probs.
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