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Stanford Resources Forecasts That the Worldwide Flat Panel Monitor Market Will More Than Double by the End of the Century.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 13, 1999--

Stanford Resources, Inc., the most influential market research firm focusing on the global electronic display industry, announced today that flat panel display (FPD) monitors using TFT-LCD technology will become an increasingly common sight on the desktop.

Stanford Resources' new Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999, released today, explores every angle of the fast-moving flat panel monitor industry.

"The worldwide shipment value for TFT-LCD monitors will grow from $1 billion in 1998 to $2.6 billion in 1999," said Rhoda Alexander, Senior Market Analyst at Stanford Resources. "By 2005, this value will soar to $14.5 billion." According to Alexander, "The current excitement in this market has been generated by early adopters and niche users. Continued growth will be dependent on flat panel monitor vendors offering prices more competitive with CRT monitors."

Stanford Resources also stated that recent shifts in technology have significantly impacted the flat panel monitor market. According to Alexander, "TFT-LCDs have all but squeezed STN-LCDs out of the computer monitor market, making TFT-LCDs the technology of choice. Additionally, the flat panel monitor market is moving toward a hybrid digital/analog interface, which will play an important role in the transition from analog to digital."

Forecasts through 2005 and strategic market analyses for 1997 to 2005 are provided in Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999. The report defines this market by examining the current supply and demand for all desktop computer displays, analyzing the global display environment, and identifying and discussing the companies involved in supplying FPD monitors worldwide.

Stanford Resources' Vice President David E. Mentley stated, "Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999 demonstrates that despite tough competition from CRT monitors, which are relatively inexpensive, flat panel displays will capture a progressively larger share of the market through 2005. As prices continue on a steady downward march, consumer desire for smaller footprints, unique form factors, and energy savings will help FPD monitors gain a larger share of the overall monitor market."

Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999 features a database of extensive FPD monitor information by screen size, pixel format, and region, as well as compound annual growth data from 1997 to 2005. Each region's forecast provides separate tables for units, average selling price and market value. A proprietary model using a unique data-modeling tool called Advance, from Advance Planning Solutions, was used to create the report's FPD monitor forecast.

The report is divided into six major sections:

-- Introduction -- Discusses the methodology used to create the
 forecast, explains the report's structure, and presents key

-- Technology Review -- Reviews technology issues related to LCDs
 and CRTs, including a discussion of the performance of LCD
 monitors and interface issues.

-- Market Analysis -- Provides a comprehensive forecast and analysis
 of the FPD monitor market and the expected impact these products
 will have on the CRT monitor market.

-- Strategic Analysis -- Offers a strategic analysis of the FPD
 monitor market, emphasizing trends in FPD production, identifying
 monitor suppliers, estimating vendor market shares, and outlining
 keys to success.

-- Company Profiles -- Lists current LCD monitor suppliers, from
 both integrator and manufacturer perspectives.

-- Worldwide FPD Monitor Database -- Provides a detailed listing of
 Stanford Resources' worldwide forecasts for 1997 to 2005.


A CD-ROM is provided to all Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999 subscribers. The CD-ROM includes text and graphics in Adobe PDF format; forecast data in Advance for Windows, which allows users to customize their views of the flat panel monitor market; and a tutorial and demonstration explaining how to use the Advance model. To order a copy of Flat Panel Monitor Market Trends 1999 or for more information about Stanford Resources' reports and services, contact Debbie Herscovitz at 408/360-8400.

Founded in 1976, Stanford Resources releases a series of reports covering the CRT and FPD markets, including annual reports (Monitor Market Trends, Liquid Crystal Displays, and Flat Information Displays) and quarterly reports (LCD Pricetrak, Flat Panel Monitrak(R), Monitrak(R), and Global LCD Supply/Demand). The firm also produces reports on projection systems, television systems, and large screen displays, along with associated market and technology sectors.

Stanford Resources provides a wide range of management consulting services, including market research and analysis; technology assessment; market plan preparation; manufacturing process evaluation; and evaluation of intellectual property, including patents. Stanford Resources will host the 16th Annual Flat Information Displays Conference on December 16 and 17, 1999 in Monterey, Calif. Visit the company's website at
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Date:Apr 13, 1999
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