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Standstill Brake Indicator (SB-i).


Due to the good economy and wealth enjoyed by Malaysian, each person that possesses a license able to own a car, in facts, some of them own more than a car. Therefore, with a numerous number of transportation on the road, the existing road system has reached its maximum level whereby it leads to traffic congestion. As a number of car/motorcycle/bus/lorry has increase, plus with the human factor as the driver, it associate to another problems. In details, due to careless driving such as drowsy driving and exhausted, the rear-end collisions occur that could lead to another catastrophic disasters which may involve serious injuries or fatal.

Therefore, as a preventive action, the system known as Standstill Brake Indicator (SB-i) attached to the motorist will be activated when the system senses sudden braking and standstill which leads the existing brake lamp system (tail & third brake lamp) of the vehicle blinking progressively. This will warn the trailing motorist to slow down gradually and stop safely.

Innovation Content

Benefits of SB-i

Regardless of the existing Third Brake Lamp System and Flashing Brake System, SB-i is a value added system which specifically tailored for the system to sense standstill and produce progressive blinking brake lamp. This helps to warn and alert other road users to get ready for standstill traffic ahead.

SB-i Innovation Stages.

The development of SB-i Standstill Brake Indicator is divided into five stages which are;

SB-i Standstill Brake Indicator is currently still on research and development stages. In this stage, the innovators will seek and identify the needs of the user and the features that will be available in this system.

SB-i Standstill Brake Indicator Novelty and Commercialization.

In tackling the rear-ending collision which may affect drivers in many aspects (life, time, vehicle etc.,), SB-i focuses more on how to alert other road users for any possibility and to get ready for any unexpected condition especially on straight road/fast lane.

SB-i will be patterned for copyright and proposed as a new mandatory policy by the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) for car manufacturers to comply. No profit will be gained since this is a safety precaution to the motorist and a support for 'Malaysia Baharu'.

SB-i Standstill Brake Indicator

Discussion and Conclusion

SB-i Standstill Brake Indicator (SB-i) system will help to improve safety among the motorist. With the features of the system, rear-end collisions may be reduced. Although there were many studies has been done on this topic, Malaysia need to implement it as soon as possible by making it as a policy for car manufacturer to comply.


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Afdzal Aizat Ramli (*)

College of Business Management and Accounting, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia


Maslinda Md Yusof

Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia

Zaifudin Zainol

College of Business Management and Accounting, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia Email:

(*) Corresponding Author
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Date:Apr 1, 2018
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