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Standing up for city; YouSay

TONYMulhearn and Harry Smith (ECHOLettersJune9)onceagain take me to task for not leading a revolution against the Tory Lib-Dem cuts on our city. They tell me off for not playing gesture politics and for setting a legal budget.

They talk of their success in the 80s and how they led a principled stand against the then Tory Government, this rose tinted view at odds with most people's views is of course how they would defend themselves isn't it? The big difference between me and them is that while I spend every waking hour battling for Liverpool, I will never put the city or its people in jeopardy by acting illegally.

To do so would be a disaster for the city and a gift for the Tories.

The Government would sack the council and their commissioners would impose even more draconian cuts to our services.

Ministers would use it as a stick to beat the city harder and investment and jobs would drain away. This city needs leadership which stands up for its people and I will do that. It also needs pragmatic and visionary leadership, leadership which looks for solutions for the city's major problems, like housing, jobs and education infrastruct u r e.

Tony Mulhearn and Harry Smith have the audacity to claim they speak for the majority of working class people in the city. They don't. The public made their choice at the local elections. They chose a party that was battling hard on behalf of the city and defending essential front-line services from the worst of the Con Lib-Dem cuts.

Labour got 64% of the vote. Their Anti-cuts Socialist Coalition, hell-bent on reliving the glorious defeats of the 80s and r educing the city to ruins, received a derisory 1% support from the voters. That message is clearly not loud enough for Tony and Harry but it is for me.

Joe Anderson, Labour Leader of Liverpool City Council
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2011
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