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Standards-Based Redundant Ring Management for Industrial Ethernet LANs Broadens Applications; GarrettCom Introduces Fast Fault Recovery for Magnum Industrial Ethernet Product Line.

NEW ORLEANS -- NEW ORLEANS, May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- GarrettCom, Inc., Fremont, Calif., is demonstrating for the first time its new standards-based redundant network management capability with its Industrial Ethernet switches at the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Conference here May 8-11. One of the last bastions of proprietary-solution providers, redundant technologies offering recovery in the timeframe required for sensitive network "edge" connections have remained pricey and have been used to discourage customers from deploying multi-vendor solutions. The new S-Ring(TM) redundancy management software product in the GarrettCom Magnum Industrial Ethernet product line allows fast recovery in ring topologies while working in conjunction with standard Spanning Tree Protocol algorithms for fast, reliable, predictable fault recovery.

GarrettCom combines standards-based lower-cost Industrial Ethernet(TM) solutions with new fast-recovery networking features to offer redundancy with a broad and flexible product line. The standards-based emphasis ensures interoperability with other Ethernet-based products deployed in the application. By offering less-expensive, standards-based ring solutions, GarrettCom is expanding the attractiveness of Industrial Ethernet for a variety of applications including a 40-switch Ethernet ring topology at a large water canal in southern Colorado, a factory in New England, and a military application in the UK. For more information about how GarrettCom standards-based fast-recovery support for redundant network topologies, request "Redundancy with Standards in Industrial Ethernet LANs" by emailing or visiting the web site at .

About the Magnum Redundant Network Features

GarrettCom's S-Ring product, built upon the networking software standard IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), enables the Magnum 6K Series of Managed Switches to simplify and speed up recovery from faults in Ethernet LAN configurations that use a ring structure. Using the Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs) specified for multi-cast status checking in the IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), the interruption of which signals a ring fault, the S-Ring protocol forces an immediate re-routing in a ring, thus effecting renewed data flow around the fault in 1-2 seconds. The S-Ring software overrides the STP step of performing an analysis function prior to issuing re-routing instructions for the ring, while allowing standard STP to report up through the network hierarchy for non-ring redundancy.

The S-Ring software can also work with GarrettCom's Link-Loss-Learn(TM) (LLL) fault-recovery feature on Magnum mP62 edge switches. The LLL feature forces the flushing of an mP62 Switch's address table when LINK is lost on any port where LLL software is activated by the network administrator. The effect is the same as a power up. Node addresses are propagated through the LAN in only a few milliseconds per switch, as opposed to the normal switch address table decay time (typically several minutes) required in other fault recovery methods. The LLL implementation does not impact standards-based software operation and works with mP62 Switches, even in multi-vendor applications. Its advantage is faster fault recovery in sensitive edge applications. When S-Ring and LLL features are operational in the same ring topology, S-Ring software responds to either missed BPDUs or Link loss detection -- whichever is detected first. In most instances, Link loss will be detected earlier than the failure of a BPDU to complete its path through a ring.


GarrettCom products are marketed through a network of resellers, system integrators, and international distributors. S-Ring software is available now as an option with the Magnum MNS-6K Release 2.3, and is priced at $400. Link Loss Learn with S-Ring support capability is included in Release 1.3 of the management software packaged with all Magnum mP62 Ethernet Switches. All products are available to OEMs for private labeling. The products are available for delivery two weeks ARO. For more information, please visit .

About GarrettCom

GarrettCom, Inc., Fremont, Calif., designs, manufactures, and markets Ethernet LAN products for industrial, traffic control, and telecommunications applications. For more information on GarrettCom and its Magnum line of Ethernet products, visit , or contact the company at 213 Hammond Ave., Fremont, CA 94539, voice 510-438-9071, fax 510-438-9072, email

Magnum, Link-Loss-Learn, S-Ring and GarrettCom are trademarks of GarrettCom, Inc. NEBS is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corp.

For further information, please contact: Tina Miteko of GarrettCom, Inc., +1-510-580-2767,; or Barbara Kline of Breakthru Communications, +1-650-868-5804,, for GarrettCom, Inc.

CONTACT: Tina Miteko of GarrettCom, Inc., +1-510-580-2767,; or Barbara Kline of Breakthru Communications, +1-650-868-5804,, for GarrettCom, Inc.

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Web site:
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Date:May 8, 2003
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