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Standard prenatal scan missed congenital syndrome: $3.75M.

A WOMAN RECEIVING PRENATAL CARE at a medical center requested an ultrasonographic anatomical fetal scan. A limited ultrasound (US) was performed, and no abnormalities were detected.

Upon birth, the child was found to have Dandy Walker syndrome, a malformation of the brain affecting mobility. The child requires full-time nursing care.

* PARENTS' CLAIM If a complete prenatal anatomical survey had been performed when requested, the abnormality would have been detected. The mother would have terminated the pregnancy.

* DEFENDANT'S DEFENSE It IS the medical center's policy to perform complete anatomical surveys only on women with high-risk pregnancies, which this was not. The woman switched health care providers during her pregnancy. A subsequent US performed by the new health care provider did not show a fetal abnormality. The case was settled during the trial.

* VERDICT A $3.75 million New Jersey settlement was reached with the medical center.

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Title Annotation:Medical Verdicts
Publication:OBG Management
Date:Feb 1, 2016
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