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Stand mixers.

The stand mixer has become one of the staples of the American kitchen. When you think of stand mixers, does your mind automatically go to the old-fashioned standard? Well, today's stand mixers are anything but old fashioned.

Technological improvements, innovative attachments, and sleek new designs are making the stand mixer a perfect complement to any kitchen, from modern urban tn old-fashioned country. Be sure you and your staff understand the latest innovations for today's stand mixers so you can match your customers with the ideal models.

How do I know that a stand mixer--as opposed to a food processor or a blender--is the perfect machine for my needs?

To best answer this question, you need tn address each consumer's individual needs. Ask him or her a variety of questions, such as: What types of foods do you hope tn make with it? How much do you bake from scratch? Do you love to prepare bread and cookie doughs? How much time do you devote to cooking and baking during the week vs. the weekends? By honing in on each consumer's cooking style and interests, you can show him or her how a stand mixer will best meet his or her needs.

These days, consumers understand that a stand mixer should be an investment purchase, and as such, is expected to last a lifetime.

Why is a stand mixer better for baking recipes than a hand mixer or a food processor?

Besides understanding the convenience, power, and durability provided by a stand mixer, consumers are beginning to realize that a baking recipe is actually a science, and that the proper mix of all the involved ingredients will generate perfect results every time. One of a stand mixer's attributes is an open bowl that draws in more air, thereby increasing its ability to produce an airy, fluffy meringue or a high, light cake.

What amount of power and capacity should I seek in a stand mixer?

The answer to the power and capacity question lies in what type of mixing and the amount of mixing your customers do. Since many people mix small batches most of the time but still want to he able to create large batches on special occasions, a stand mixer with versatility is essential.

Today's stand mixers boast up to 700 watts of power with bowls that can hold up to six quarts, a truly commercial level at which even the busiest professional chefs are comfortable. The high wattage of a stand mixer allows consumers to tackle every job with a machine of almost bulletproof quality. If you've ever tried to mix coconut macaroons or peanut-butter cookies, for example, and heard the whir of the hand mixer noticeably slow down, then it's easy to see that the more power you have in your mixer, the more power you have to perform culinary tasks in your kitchen.

Today's stand mixers boast up to 700 watts of power with bowls that can hold up to six quarts.

What about attachments?

Attachments are an important key to stand mixer sales since most customers seek versatility in their kitchen equipment. Customers shopping for a stand mixer or a hand mixer need to be provided with an in-depth comparison of what attachments are offered and what each one can do. Be prepared to educate your customers about the wealth of accessories currently on the market for stand mixers that truly make them all-in-one kitchen tools.

Two of the most popular attachments are the blender attachment for mixing not only milk shakes, smoothies, and other frozen drinks but also increasingly for foods like soups, pates, and vinaigrettes, and the food processor attachment that chops, emulsifies, and purees ingredients to make salsa, pesto, or mayonnaise.

Other attachments include ice cream makers, citrus juicers, pasta makers, meat grinders, slicer/shredders, mills that allow you to grind your own coffee or spices--even potato peelers. Ultimately, the selection of standmixer attachments allows consumers to derive the most from their machines, while simultaneously minimizing the number of corded products on the countertop.

A variety of accessories--from citrus juicers to potato peelers to ice cream makers--add to the stand mixer's appeal as an all-in-one kitchen tool.

How long will my stand mixer last?

The stand mixer goes back 50 years or more, and one of the reasons it has endured through the years is its high level of quality. These days, consumers understand that a stand mixer should be an investment purchase, and as such, is expected to last a lifetime. And in many cases, the stand mixer lasts far beyond that, as it is common for mothers to hand these treasured machines down to their daughters.
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