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Stamp it out in software.

Engineering Systems International has introduced what the company says is the first software package to accurately simulate stamping operations. Pam-Stamp is designed to help process engineers--at an early stage prior to tool manufacturing--evaluate the formability of complex components and iterate tool geometry and blank-holder designs.

The analysis process begins by describing the tool geometries involved using CAD spline surfaces. The next step is modeling the contacts between the blank and tools. Material properties supplied with the code were derived by complementing handbook properties with measured variations of tensile orientations against the rolling direction and variations of cross-head velocities. Key properties include yield stress and Lankford coefficient versus rolling direction and tensile stress and maximum elongation versus strain rate.

The friction model was developed using a test setup that simulates the friction between blank-holder, sheet, and die during the stamping process. The influences of clamping pressure, sliding velocity, and sheet orientation were also studied.

Initial simulations may be performed in 2D, using a strip to represent a given cross section, assuming that the material flow in the direction perpendicular to the strip is negligible. Next, special attention is paid to the areas where difficulties are expected, by analyzing those in 3D with partial models. The full model is run as a final step. The phases that are modeled by the simulation include binder wrap, holding, forming, and spring-back simulation.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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