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Stalin wanted to imprison, torture Nazis in revenge for betraying Russia in WWII.

London, Nov 1 (ANI): Josef Stalin wanted to imprison and torture Nazi diplomats in secret after the end of WWII in revenge for Germany's betrayal of Russia, a new book has revealed.

'The Diplomatic Secrets of the Third Reich' released in Germany details how Soviet secret agents kidnapped Nazi diplomats after the war so that they could imprison, torture and secretly try them in Moscow, the Daily Mail reported.

The book uncovered for the first time sealed Russian archives concerning the dreaded Lubianka jail in Moscow where the former top servants of Hitler were brought.

Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had a pact that kept the peace until Hitler decided to invade the country in June 1941.

Stalin believed the foreign office diplomats who served Nazism were responsible for the war; consequently, he wanted revenge.

The book by W.S. Christoforow chronicles how Stalin issued directive 143c with a list of top Nazi diplomats he wanted seized.

Foreign minister under Hitler, Joachim von Ribbentrop, was at the top but he was seized by the western Allies, tried at Nuremberg, and hanged for war crimes.

Fritz Grobb, Hitler's envoy in Baghdad, Carl Clodius, his special representative in Romania, Herbert von Richthofen - a relative of the famous Red Baron air ace of WW1 - and Adolf-Heinz Beckerle, both Third Reich paladins in Bulgaria, together with dozens of military attaches, under-secretaries and ambassadors were seized and almost all sentenced in secret to 25 years in the gulag work camps.

The book chronicles their pleas for mercy, and of the secret manoeuvring of the Foreign Service to help Hitler in his conquest of Europe. (ANI)

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Date:Nov 1, 2011
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