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Staff placed bet for regular as he waited for ambulance; Bookies store stepped in as OAP feared missing out on winning wager.

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KIND-HEARTED staff at a Crosby bookmakers came to the aid of a collapsed punter - before putting on his winning bet.

Jim Higgins, from Blundellsands, was on his way to place his usual Saturday afternoon wager at Betfred, in Crosby Village, when the 78-year-old diabetic collapsed.

After the pensioner fell to the ground, members of the public and staff from surrounding shops rushed to his aid and called an ambulance.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page poolecho Staff at the Moor Lane bookies were particularly concerned when they heard of Jim's plight and, after making sure he was OK, one of them took his money from him and rushed to place his bet.

Andy Donnelly, duty manager at Betfred, said: "We went outside and could see Jim was lying on the floor.

"I instantly recognised him as he comes in all the time to place a bet and usually goes for a Lucky 31 or Lucky 15 [a multiple bet also known as a 'Yankee'].

"He handed me the money and I ran back into the shop to get the bet on in time and we couldn't believe it when his first horse came in.

"I'm made up he's all right because Jim is one of the good ones."

" Jim, who suffered hypoglycaemia - low blood sugar - has now made a full recovery and on Tuesday hewww.theliver returned to the bookies with his daughter, Jo Higgins, to thank staff.

A spokeswoman for Diabetes UK said that staff had done exactly the right thing by calling an ambulance.

She said: "If someone has a severe hypo and becomes unconscious, they should be put into the recovery position and given a glucagon injection.

"You should never give food or drink by mouth because there is a danger of choking. If you don't have a glucagon kit available or the person has not recovered within ten minutes of receiving the glucagon injection or no one is trained to give a glucagon injection an ambulance should be called immediately."

Jim's daughter, Jo, said the whole family had been overwhelmed by the help the pensioner had received. She said: "I want to thank all of those very kind people who came to our help on Saturday when my dad collapsed in Crosby Village.

"To the two people that phoned and continued to chase up the ambulance; to the lovely woman who took off her coat to put under his head; to all the guys who took off their coats to keep dad warm; to the women from the shops who supplied hot water bottles, coats and blankets; to those that held umbrellas over us, even though they were getting wet themselves, and to the guy from Betfred who when he heard that dad had been on his way to them to place his usual Saturday bet, ran and put the bet on for him anyway.

"They all asked that I let them know how dad got on and I'm so pleased and relieved to report that, thanks to all those that helped on the day, he has since made a full recovery.

"My mum and I were so very touched by such kindness and generosity of spirit and I will never forget it. You are wonderful people."


Andy Donnelly and Jim Higgins in the | |Crosby Betfred store

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 22, 2015
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