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Staff did not act on torrent of vile tales.

DAME Smith's report reveals many BBC staff were aware of rumours about Savile's depravity.

It said Dame Esther Rantzen was told the team making an episode of This is Your Life about the DJ wanted to include the parents of a young girl with heart problems he had given money to. But they refused and "the implication was that there was another side to it, a darker side".

The ChildLine founder said yesterday she had heard rumours about Savile since she started at the BBC in the early 70s - but "there is a real difference between rumour and evidence".

Sir Terry Wogan is said to have been asked by a newspaper: "When are they going to expose him?" He replied: "That's your job."

Louis Theroux, who did a documentary on Savile, heard rumours the DJ was a paedophile. He later heard Savile was a necrophiliac too, a rumour also heard by Radio 5 DJ Nicky Campbell.

And investigative journalist Roger Cook got a tip in 1980 alleging that Savile abused patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which is now known to have been true.

As she unveiled her report, Dame Smith said of the rumours: "Many seem to have seen them as amusing. No one thought to report such a rumour."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2016
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