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Staff at the IPNRC.


Andrea West, RN, PhD

Director, Curriculum and Research

Phone: (314) 920-2862


Andy West oversees the development and update of curricula for Faith Community Nurses, Coordinators, and Faculty. She communicates regularly with new and continuing faculty for Foundations in Faith Community Nursing and with those interested in research on topics relating to this specialty practice. Prior to joining the IPNRC in 2009, Dr. West had a long career as nursing faculty, and had served as Dean of the Kramer School of Nursing at Oklahoma City University. Her clinical specialties were long-term care and gerontology, and she has researched students and health care professionals' attitudes in caring for patients with HIV /AIDS.


Maureen Daniels, RN, MN

Director, International Programs and Coordinators' Support

Phone: (314) 918-2632


Maureen Daniels is the connection point between the more than 320 parish nurse network coordinators around the United States and abroad, and serves as the focal point for communication between members of the World Forum for Parish Nursing in more than 2 dozen countries around the world.

Maureen joined the IPNRC in July 2008. Prior to her work with the IPNRC, Maureen was the Director of the Deaconess Parish Nurse Network in St. Louis, served as a Parish Nurse for the Maplewood and Richmond Heights (Missouri) Community Church Cluster for several years, and is an active member of the Greater St. Louis Parish Nurse Network. She teaches the Foundations in Faith Community Nursing Course in St. Louis and elsewhere (including Madagascar and South Korea) as well as the Coordinators' Preparation Course.


Mary Slutz, RN, BS, MHCA

Director, Symposium and Resources

Phone: (314) 920-9941


Mary Slutz oversees the development of resources published by the IPNRC, including a wealth of health education and wellness promotion materials and is the person responsible for all aspects of the annual Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium, the international professional gathering for Parish/Faith Community Nurses, now in its 25th year.

Mary came to the IPNRC in July 2008, following eight years as the Director of Parish Nursing at Trinity Medical Center in Rock Island, Illinois, working with more than 70 parish nurses in their ecumenical network.


Susan Miller

Office Administrator

Phone:(314) 918-2684

Fax: (314) 918-2558

E-mail: smiller@edenedu

Susan Miller oversees the daily operations of the IPNRC office in St. Louis, Missouri, and is responsible for the website, communications-eNotes, Perspectives, Facebook, resource orders, marketing, Friends of Center--the frontline person for the IPNRC.

Susan came to the IPNRC in 2005 from Eden Theological Seminary, where she had served for six years as Assistant Accountant. Susan can be seen at the Symposia, and all faculty events. Her fax number is 314-918-2558.

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