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Stadium bans beer.

Stadium bans beer

An outbreak of snowball and ice throwing during a Philadelphia Eagles game has prompted a ban on beer in the stands for the rest of the season, but alcohol will be allowed in the stadium's luxury boxes.

"It may be discriminatory, but it's legal," City Solicitor Seymour Kurland said Tuesday. The luxury boxes held by corporate bigwigs and other VIPs "don't pose the same safety issue that is posed by the people in the stands," he said.

The outburst - witnessed by a CBS TV audience Sunday in parts of the country - resulted in at least six arrests and the ejection of 200 fans.

The ban was agreed to by the Philadelphia Eagles, the city and a vending company at city-owned Veterans Stadium and applies to the football team's remaining regular-season home game and any playoff games this year.

It remains to be decided whether the ban will continue next year as well.

The weekend outburst during a game against the Dallas Cowboys embarrassed city and team officials. Snow and ice hit members of the Cowboys, Eagles cheerleaders and fans in the line of fire. A few people were slightly hurt.

The Eagles and the city had asked Ogden-Allied Services Corp., a stadium concession, to stop beer sales because they believed alcohol helped cause the outburst.

"It was something that needed to be done," said Bruce Ground, general manager for Ogden-Allied.

The Eagles also banned alcohol at tailgate parties outside the stadium. Until now, beer had been sold in the first half of games and drinking had been tolerated at one parking lot.

The Eagles have one regular-season home game remaining, Dec. 24 against the Phoenix Cardinals, but are in position to make the playoffs.
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Title Annotation:Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 25, 1989
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