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Stack up PM.

The rough terrain container handler (RTCH) is a workhorse when it comes to lifting and stacking 20- and 40-ft ISO containers.

To keep it on the job, though, you need to read and heed the word in TM 10-3930-675-10 and keep these PM pointers in mind.

Water in Fuel

Water in your RTCH's fuel will leave its engine running rough or not at all.

Water gets in the fuel when warm days and cool nights cause condensation to form in the vehicle's fuel tank. You get rid of water by draining the fuel/water separator each week like it says in the TM.

Open the separator--located behind the roadside engine access door--by turning its drain cock counterclockwise. Store drained fuel in an approved hazardous waste container. Never dump it down a drain or let it run on the ground.

If the fuel is clear, you're OK. If the fuel doesn't run clear after you've drained half a pint or so, close the valve and report it to your mechanic.

Also make sure your mechanic replaces the fuel filter at semiannual service time.

Air Filter Brush-off

The RTCH's air cleaning system is its defense against dirty air. It's up to you to make sure the system works.

Operators, your first task is to squeeze dirt out of the dust cap on the bottom of the air canister weekly, or daily if you're working in a dusty or sandy area.

Squeezing gets rid of dirt or sand in the canister. Sand that's left in the canister will end up clogging filters.

Keep an eye on the air cleaner's restriction indicator that's next to the canister. If the indicator moves from green to red, call in your mechanic for service.

Mechanics, give the filters a good cleaning when the operator notices a loss of engine power and black smoke from the exhaust.

Clean the primary filter element with 30 psi compressed air, blowing from inside out. Replace the primary filter when it's damaged or torn, or when the indicator stays in the red after a cleaning. Replace the secondary filter after cleaning the primary three times.
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