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Stabilizers, fat replacer form texture partnership.

When a frozen dessert or a salad dressing is formulated with a fat replacer, the stabilizer system also adds to the textural qualities to create a high quality product.

A stabilizer/emulsifier system designed for low-fat and no-fat frozen desserts and formulated with Simplesse[R] enhances the qualities of the fat replacer. It can be used with aspartame or conventionally sweetened frozen desserts. This stabilizer/ emulsifier system has the versatility to be used for many different forms of frozen desserts--from hard pack to soft serve--and frozen yogurts.

A good body and a smooth texture in the frozen dessert are ensured by the stabilizer. Whipping stability is good and air cell walls are strengthened, which reduces the tendency for shrinkage. The low-fat or no-fat frozen dessert is also protected from heat shock that may affect the texture.

Even with a fat replacer, there may be excess moisture in the product. The blend of ingredients in the stabilizer controls moisture without gumminess, even though the usage level is higher (0.9-1.2%) than with a conventional stabilizer.

Frozen dessert flavor profiles may have to be adjusted with low-fat or no-fat products. Flavors that are soluble in fat, like chocolate and vanilla, would be most affected. Fruit flavors are not affected as much.

Salad dressing stabilizer

Creamy salad dressings made with Simplesse can have an improved texture with a stabilizing salad dressing base. Simplesse imparts the creaminess and mouthfeel normally supplied by the oil, and the salad dressing base imparts viscosity, cling, and body. Creaminess of the fat replacer is enhanced by the base and its water-holding capacity helps to simulate a higher solids level.

Because it has an opacity, the base is applicable to creamy dressings rather than oil-and-vinegar type dressings. In dressings with particulates such as spices or relish, it helps to suspend the particles in the dressing.

A low-fat thousand island dressing with a recommended starting usage level of 1.7% base, contains approximately 20 calories per tablespoon and less than 0.5% fat per tablespoon. Conventional versions of the dressing have 60 calories per tablespoon.

More information on Solex Stabilizer/Emulsifier for frozen desserts is available from Germantown Manufacturing Co., 505 Parkway, P.O. Box 405, Broomall, PA 19008. Circle 453

Information on Salad Dressing Base 1634 is also available from Germantown Manufacturing Co. Circle 454 Further information on Simplesse[R] Fat Substitute is available from The NutraSweet Co., 1751 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield, IL 60015. Circle 455

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