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St. Paul continues scrapping for Schmidt Brewery; Heileman decision stays firm.

St. Paul continues scrapping for Schmidt Brewery; Heileman decision stays firm

St. Paul, MN, Mayor Jim Scheibel has vowed to continue the city's fight to keep Schmidt Brewery out of mothballs despite a stiff anti-sale posture by plant owner, G. Heileman Brewing.

Scheibel said that Heileman officials have agreed to meet with him within the next week to discuss the fate of the plant. The mayor said Gov. Rudy Perpich also would like to talk with Heileman, but is not certain whether his schedule will permit him to attend the meeting.

Heileman announced recently that it has rejected all buyout bids for the century-old plant and that no new ones would be considered. Randy Hull, a Heileman vice president, said the plant will be closed by June 23.

Scheibel met last week with representatives of the plant's union, a St. Paul neighborhood group and officials from the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce. He said he also planned to meet today with the three major bidders for the plant to review the status of their bids.

"The big question is, `What does Heileman want?''' Scheibel told local WCCO-Radio. "If there is a gap, what can we do to try to fill that gap?"

But Scheibel also said his office would notify Schmidt's 200 workers about job retraining or relocation options. He said the city would apply for a $350,000 federal job retraining grant in case the Heileman plant closes.

"Our first concern is the workers," the mayor said.

Heileman said it would meet this week with plant workers. A severance package for the employees will be negotiated with the organized bargaining units at the plant, Hull said.
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Title Annotation:St. Paul, Minnesota seeks to retain G. Heileman Brewing plant
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 28, 1990
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