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St. Louis SAE recruits new breed of membership.

St. Louis SAE Recruits New Breed of Membership

Thanks to its three-year long-range plan, the St. Louis Society of Association Executives recognized one of its weaknesses--it had only a handful of members from philanthropic, service, or charitable organizations--and is doing something about it.

"I would guess that there are more philanthropics than straight associations in St. Louis, but there is virtually no place for them to plug into," says Oliver Dulle, Jr., SLSAE executive director and president of Dulle & Company, St. Louis. He describes a philanthropic, service, or charitable organization as "any nonprofit that's not a trade or professional association. We figured if we didn't tap the market, someone else would."

At its long-range planning meeting last fall, SLSAE's board of directors and past presidents--who hope to recruit 45 philanthropic, service, or charitable organizations within three years--identified the following ways the organization could diversify its membership:

* Purchase a list of St. Louis-based philanthropic, service, and charitable organizations from the United Way of Greater St. Louis. * Send these organizations mailings on SLSAE-sponsored events. * Reach out to them and make them feel as comfortable as possible at SLSAE events. * Include them on the board of directors so that they have a decision-making role. * Broaden the emphasis of educational programs so that topics appeal to a variety of nonprofits (for example, include programs on business planning and unrelated business tax as opposed to programs on membership development).

If numbers are any indication, SLSAE's plan is working. In January, when the plan took effect, executives from more than 100 philanthropic, service, and charitable organizations attended an SLSAE membership meeting. And since January, SLSAE has recruited approximately 10 philanthropic members--boosting membership to 140-150 members.
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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