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St. Louis's Delmar Loop offers plenty of ventures.


Delmar Loop in St. Louis offers a gamut of things to do and places to go. There's Vintage Vinyl a place to consider all kinds of music purchases, a passel of ethnic foods/restaurants, a 2.5-mile trolley ride, Subterranean Books, and a multitude of shops with varieties of goods.

The block-long Blueberry Hill bar and restaurant has many functions. Its massive array of exhibits include old-time collections of dolls from the past, school lunchboxes and matching thermoses, bubble-style jukeboxes on upper shelves, and an array of posters and more hanging on the walls. There's a dart room at one end where competitive matches are sometimes held. At the other side, west, pinball machines and other game machines abound.

The Elvis Room and Duck Room hosts musical entertainment generated by national and St. Louis bands. Chuck Berry used to play there frequently, and he was for years on my bucket list. I longed to see him in person, and view him playing that funky guitar sound I liked to hear. The right time never worked out, and he died awhile back. I had to be satisfied just to take a picture of the remarkable statue of him a short way west of Blueberry Hill.

A block east, the fabulous movie house, Tivoli, has three theaters in which to choose a flick ... and it has special days of the week when Silver Screen movies are shown. Therein, dolls depicting famous actors and actors are displayed in cases. The walls are decorated with old-time movie posters arranged by theme: mystery, horror, westerns, musicals and so forth.

Joe Edwards is responsible for spending big money to restore the Tivoli theater to its 1924 grandeur, buy out Cicero's Italian restaurant so as to expand Blueberry Hill, and create the few-months-operating trolley system.

All of the above are available on Delmar Boulevard, which continues into the Washington University area on west. In-between is University City, with its 1904 Worlds Fair-created city hall, U-City Family Church (nondenominational), and public library.

The Tivoli represents more than just three movie theaters. Like Blueberry Hill, it contains vintage memorabilia. The corridors leading into each theater feature posters of silver screen flicks scenes, the subjects grouped by romance, horror, musicals, science fiction, and certain dramas. The Tivoli periodically features a silver screen (yesteryear) film.

One thing we like about the Delmar Loop area is feeling safe from where we park the car in an ample lot, to wherever we saunter up and down the street and back, day and night.

Speaking of sauntering, that's the thing to do because the St. Louis Walk of Fame has 150-plus brass stars with plaques telling of famous St. Louisans' achievements and how they connect/connected to the city. Among them are Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Miles Davis, Yogi Berra, Tennessee Williams, Cedric the Entertainer, Maya Angelou, Chuck Berry, Jack Buck, Harry Caray, and you must check the rest of them out for yourself.

Vintage Vinyl moved from where I originally found the Guitar Summit CD that I searched for a few years after hearing about it someplace. VV moved a mere two blocks west to the same side of the street a few years ago. Indeed, it boasts having "hard-to-find music" along with new and used CDs, DVDs and LPs.

The Moonrise hotel- which has a revolving moon above its roofline, draws attention to the passerby as well as those either needing a place to stay or wanting a meal. Its Twilight Room has indoor-outdoor rooftop space that is open all year and offers seasonal small plates, and Eclipse restaurant has local cuisine every day of the week.

Ethiopian, Filipino, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Korean foods can be found among dozens of eateries, along with United Provisions which has groceries and unique foods from worldwide sources. Plenty of American food is available up and down the blocks, and Fitz's, which invites observers as its famous root beer is made at that family restaurant.

The Delmar Loop offers a wide-variety of experiences for all ages.
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