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St. Killian Importing Co. adds Cold Springs beer to its product line.

St. Killian Importing Co. adds Cold Springs beer to its product line

St. Killian Importing Co. has added Minnesota-brewed Cold Springs beer to to its list of brews, the company recently announced. The premium-priced beer is scheduled to be distributed in the East within the month, Hank Hague, spokesman, St. Killian Importing Co., said. He added that beer sales should increase immediately due to a nearly 25-percent cut in price.

"Cold Springs beer hadn't been marketed well in the East," Hague said. "In talking with some other wholesalers, we feel that Cold Springs can do quite well against other beers like Anchor Steam."

Hague noted that Cold Springs is "one of the best tasting beers in the country" due to the natural spring water used in brewing.

The spokesman explained that St. Killian picked up Cold Springs beer because of its "long-time reputation of being a quality product that would certainly enhance the company's beer portfolio." Initial marketing of the brew will consist of case cards, window banners and cooler stickers, Hague said.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 18, 1989
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