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St John Ambulance urges everyone to become a life saver; Blacon man talks about the day his first aid knowledge saved a colleague.

Byline: David Norbury

Learn some life saving skills is the suggestion from St John Ambulance.

The nation's leading first aid charity is encouraging everyone to learn some basic first aid skills that, in the event of an emergency, really can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

It points out the importance of first aid was brought sharply into focus for Ian Field from Blacon when a colleague suffered a severe allergic reaction while at work at a local plumber's merchant.

Ian said: "I was in work when a colleague, David Connor, came up to me and asked if I thought he looked ok as he didn't feel too good. He didn't look great and his face was very red and puffy.

"I sat him down, asked him a few questions and found out that he had just eaten a banana and for the first time ever he had had an allergic reaction. His face was now very puffy and he was almost unrecognisable and he said he was having trouble breathing.

"At this stage I decided to phone an ambulance as this was an unusual episode for him. The paramedic who arrived said it was a good call and my colleague was taken away in the ambulance and given an adrenaline shot.

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"He came back from hospital the same day and now he says bananas are off the menu for good!"

For those looking for quick, easily accessible first aid information, the St John Ambulance app is available free on smartphones. Their website,, offers demo videos, an interactive game and lots of free advice.

For more information about first aid courses call 0844 770 4800.


Credit: UGC TCH

David Connor (left) with life saver Ian Field who acted promptly when Mr Connor suffered a severe allergic reaction from a banana

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Publication:Chester Chronicle (Chester, England)
Date:May 5, 2018
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