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Srinagar will soon be part of Pakistan: JI.

KARACHI -- Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on Wednesday held Kashmir Solidarity rally to express solidarity with Kashmiri people on Kashmir Day.

The rally was taken out from Jail Chowrangi to Mazar-e-Quaid. Large number of JI workers participated in the rally.

They raised party flags and banners inscribed with "we support struggle of Kashmiris for freedom", "Salute the courage of Syed Ali Gillani and Kashmiri Mujahideen" and "unjustified invasion of Indian Army in Kashmir is not acceptable".

The participants chanted slogans on favour of Kashmiri people and against the Indian Army.

Ameer JI Sindh Mairaj-ul-Huda Siddiqui, Acting Ameer JI Karachi Barjees Ahmed, General Secretary JI Karachi Naseem Siddiqui and district ameers were addressed the participants of the rally.

On the occasion, Mairaj-ul-Huda Siddiqui said the Srinagar will soon be the part of Pakistan after the year 2014 adding the day of Kashmir independence was very near.

"The February 5 instead of Kashmir Day will observe as Struggle for Kashmir in upcoming years", JI Sindh Ameer said.

Addressing the participants, Mairaj-ul-Huda said the Kashmir issue is an international conspiracy as despite passing 65 years, the UN resolution on Kashmir is being violated.

"We do not accept such type of UN which does not see the barbarism in Kashmir, Syria, Burma and other Muslim world", he added.

He added the great JI leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed had announced to observe Kashmir Day on 5 Feb 1990 and since then the Kashmir Day is being observed to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

He informed that 1 lac Kashmiri youth is being murdered and 1000 women are being raped by Indian army in last 10 years, but the UN and other powers do not take any notice of this barbarism.

"The conscienceless rulers in present government have given the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India", he added.

He further said the nation has well aware by its friend and foe adding JI leadership always come forward whenever the sovereignty of Pakistan was being challenged.

Huda added the international powers, on one hand inducing Indian Army in Afghanistan, while on the other hand they were weaken the country by creating anarchy with the help of its allies.

"We saluted the leadership of Kashmir and its people on their courage to fight for their legal right of self determination", Huda added.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Feb 6, 2013
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