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Given that a sense of place often spurs her creativity, it is no wonder that Erin Napier, who designs concert posters, wedding invitations, and stationery for the famous across the country, continues to make her home in Laurel, home to Mississippi's first art museum.

Napier's company, Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence, began after she created handkerchiefs with save-the-date information on them for a friend, an item that put her company on the map.

"Shortly after we did that, a trend began among other stationers who were all trying nontraditional printing methods for wedding invitations, such as screen print on hankies, wood veneer, and other fabrics," Napier explains. "Things are moving away from the tissue and engraving our mothers used for their wedding invitations, and are becoming the first major expression of a couple's style and individuality."

It was not only stationers who took note of Napier's creative approach to invitation design, as well her down-home Southern hospitality. In addition to wedding invitations, Napier has been solicited to design beautiful, unique items for professional athletes, actors, and performers, including ZZ Top, the Goo Goo Dolls, and the Steve Miller Band. Her first design commission, an artnouveau piece called "Bernhardt," for Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, appears in March 2014.

Although weddings are where Napier started, they are not her largest source of inspiration. History, she says, inspires her, particularly the feelings evoked by the sense of time and place that a historical place, artifact or scene provide.

"When you can feel the way a historic period might have been, the design comes easily," Napier said. "It's more than finding the right fonts. The end sheets of vintage books, classic movies, ephemera, the mosaic tile floor in a 100-year-old restaurant, WWII postcards jotted with romantic messages all have something in common--the time and place they came from and the way that makes us feel."
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Publication:Mississippi Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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