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Sri Lanka is mulling on taking legal action, under International Jurisdiction, against anti-national elements desecrating the image of Sri Lanka.

Colombo, Nov. 4 -- Sri Lanka is mulling about taking legal action, under international jurisdiction against spiteful television Channels such as Channel IV and the activities of the rump LTTE elements, and externally operated websites who carry out baseless and concocted and doctored stories vilifying the Head of State, Security Forces and high ranking government officials of Sri Lanka.

This was stated by the Government spokesman and the Minister of Mass Media and Information in response to a question raised by the Chief Editor of the Asian Tribune Mr. K.T.Rajasingham at the post Cabinet Decision Media Conference held this morning at the Information Department Auditorium in Colombo.

The Minister said that the government is looking into all possibilities of taking action against these anti-national and foreign funded elements carrying out malicious and distorted propaganda against Sri Lanka to shatter the peace prevailing in the country and to create discord and disharmony among the people.

In response to a question raised on a Bill the government has planned to submit to reacquire certain State Assets, the Minister said that certain former government Institutions, which were sold by the previous government under valued or for political patronage are misusing State owned properties while getting many concessions being provided by the government. He said that some of these Institutions are deliberately mismanaging these institutions denying benefits to workers, delaying payment of salaries and methodically destroying the assets and machinery. The Minister emphasized that State Assets, which belong to the people of this country, cannot be allowed to be destroyed in this manner and hence it has become necessary to reacquire such State Assets and revamp them as profit making and people service prone institutions.

The Minister cited the example of the Sri Lankan Airlines reacquired from the Emirates Airlines as one example. He said that the National Airlines has acquired many new aircrafts and expanded its services to many new destinations after its reacquisition, ensuring that its long term future will be a very bright one and it will be able to compete with major airlines in the world. Other examples cited by the Minister included several Estates, Gas Company, Textile Mills and the Insurance.

Responding to a question about the State Institutions such as Ceylon Government Railways and certain others running at a loss, the Minister said they are Institutions that are operated not only on the profit and loss basis but operated also as Institutions providing service to the people. He pointed out that the Railways is providing its tickets on a concessionary rate, and special concessionary season tickets to government servants and students and if they are to charge the actual cost with a profit and loss factor in view people will not be able to use Railways as their most convenient and cheapest mode of transport. He said that Sri Lanka Transport Board is also offering tickets on concessionary basis to students and many other people and operating many of its services only to facilitate the people, including providing school service buses.

Dismissing the opposition allegations about the proposed Bill, the Minister said that they have not even seen the colour of the Bill, and said that they have no moral right to speak on this matter because it was they who destroyed many vibrant public institutions just to cover capital expenditure costs and as gifts for political patronage. Even the two major State Banks were to fall under their selling spree. The Minister also dismissed the opposition allegation that the Bill is being planned to be presented as an Emergency Bill, he said that it is necessary to table it before the Budget is presented as otherwise it will have to wait for next year until the third reading of the budget is over.

Responding to a question about some of the Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarians visiting the United States and meeting officials of the United States government and the United Nations, the Minister reiterated that the TNA is not the sole representative of the Tamil people in this country and they never stood for the benefit or promotion of the interests of the Tamil population when they were suffering under the jackboots of the terrorists.

-Asian Tribune-

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
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Date:Nov 4, 2011
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