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Sri Lanka: Pro-Eelam group calls on India to send "Peace Making Force" to Sri Lanka.

Sweden, Nov. 20 -- Former Indian-backed Tamil separatist militant group- Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) based in Bamgalore, has called for the intervention of Indian Peace 'Making' Forces in Sri Lanka.

Formed in 1987 as an amalgamation of splinter groups from other militant groups such as the pro-Indian Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), People's Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization-TELO.

Resolutions passed unanimously in the two-day extra ordinary meeting conducted by ENDLF on the November 13 and 14, 2010 in Bangalore, India.

It was unanimously resolved:

1. To request the Government of India to bear in mind the fact that the E.N.D.L.F (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front) never acted at any time against the development of India and her integration but supported the Indo-Sri Lankan pact even in the days of storm and strife and sacrificing 1,700 mighty Eelam Tamils pinning their faith on the promise made by the then Prime Minister Shree Rajiv Gandhi to form North East Provincial Council and to do the needful to save the Eelam Tamils from the untold atrocities committed by the Sinhalese,

2. To request the Government of India to comply with the plea of E.N.D.L.F to send once again with commiseration in heart a new PEACE MAKING FORCE since IPKF with its 50,000 troops made unprofitable return to India in the year 1990, probe into the grave problems, find permanent solutions for them and render poetic justice to us, as we cannot live any longer in fool's paradise hoping in vain that Sri Lankan Government will condescend to agree to give us a free and peaceful life.

3. To request the benign Government of India to do the needful to constitute a provincial council consisting of the North and East provincial council with empowerment for the benefit of the Eelam Tamils as promised in the year 1987.

4. To request the Government of India to do the needful to check the Anti Tamil attitude of the Sri Lankan Government that have cheated India and the Eelam Tamils many a time and also to put an end to the foul deed of the Sinhalese Government that is unlawfully settling their own people in the regions of the Eelam Tamils under the pretext of striving for the rehabilitation of the Tamils and the reconstruction of Sri Lanka.

5. To request the Government of India to do the needful to evict the intruding Sinhalese totally from the ancestral land of the Tamils as the Sinhalese Government made them settle down there unlawfully after they had attained independence in the year 1948 though they stopped doing so for a brief period of three years when the IPKF was there in Sri Lanka

6. To request the Government of India to do the needful to prevent the Buddhist monks from erecting Buddhist temples to spread Buddhism with the strong support of their government under the pipal trees wherever they grow in our regions and also to demolish those temples already erected with a selfish motive.

7. To request the Government of India being the biggest and the most powerful Democratic country to conduct judicial inquiry for the carnage perpetrated on the Tamils by Sri Lankan Government as it was beyond doubt an ethnic murder and not the anti - terrorists activities.

8. To request the Government of India to be gracious enough to do the needful to take up the responsibility of maintaining the refugee camps properly in Tamil Nadu till the refugees return to OUR Tamil Eelam very happily and proudly after finding solutions to all problems. And the Government of India to free the Sri Lankan refugees from the fear of the police especially the Q Branch who intimidate and treat the refugees as slaves for the simple reason they yearn for freedom.

9. To request the Government of India to do the needful to evict the Sinhalese fisher men colonisation in north-east coastal line that actually belongs to the Eelam Tamils as the Tamils alone have got every right to fish there.

10. If the Tamils do not get succor from India we request the government of India to constitute a higher level International committee consisting of those countries that have taken under their wings of love the Sri Lankan refugees in large numbers to render justice to us and enable us to enjoy our birth rights in the world where the donor countries released fabulous funds to the blood thirsty Sri Lankan government to buy deadly armaments when the relentless riot was raging and tearing Sri Lanka.

A leading member of PLOTE- Gnanapiragasam Gnanasegeram (alias Thangarajan, alias Paranthan Rajan), defecting from the militant group formed the Three Stars group together with splinter groups of TELO and EPRLF. In 1987 Three Stars merged with a PLOTE splinter group led by Jotheeswaran (alias Kannan) and an EPRLF splinter group led by Douglas Devananda to form the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front. This was done with the support of the Indian secret service- Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Devananda left the ENDLF and formed the Eelam People's Democratic Party after the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was signed.

The ENDLF was very active during the Indian Peace Keeping Force's occupation of north-east Sri Lanka between 1987 and 1990. It took part in the 1988 North Eastern provincial council election and the 1989 parliamentary election. When the IPKF withdrew in 1990 the ENDLF also retreated to India. Thereafter the ENDLF remained dormant until the 2004 defection of LTTE commander Karuna. Karuna joined the ENDLF and became its President. The ENDLF soon started taking a very anti-LTTE stance. Karuna has since left the ENDLF but the ENDLF remains a pro-government paramilitary group and political party.

ENDLF- like most other Sri Lankan militant groups (both pro and anti government) had their training in India. Former Prime Minister of India- Indira Gandhi decided to support Tamil militants through the RAW, a decision which ultimately cost the life of her son- then Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, who was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber in May 1991.

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Date:Nov 20, 2010
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