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These are the last six text messages sent to Clair by Patrick, just before he caused the accident that left Noreen unable to walk again. Patrick does bring Noreen flowers and tells her that he is very sorry. But is that enough? It might be if Patrick had only put a dent in Noreen's car, but Noreen will never walk again. Is saying you are sorry enough?

This short film takes up the issues of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness. When guilt is overwhelming, how do we find redemption? At one point in the film, Patrick tells Noreen that the one thing he has learned from this experience is that you should never text and drive. Noreen tells Patrick: "The thing is that everyone already knows that." How do you find forgiveness in your heart for someone whose wanton carelessness means that you will never walk again?

Squirrel does not answer these questions. There is no simple formula for finding redemption or forgiveness. Each person has to deal with these issues in his or her own way. But, the movie does ask us to consider our own sources of guilt and how we would find redemption for ourselves or offer forgiveness to someone who has done us harm.

William L. Blizek

University of Nebraska at Omaha,

Author Notes

William Blizek is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Religion and Film, and is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He is also the editor of the Continuum Companion to Religion and Film (2009).

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Author:Blizek, William L.
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Date:Apr 1, 2019
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