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Squire wealth advisors.

What makes your practice different from the rest?

We are a full-service wealth management firm that provides our clients with higher perspective. We apply this mindset throughout our services, which include retirement and financial planning, investment management, insurance analysis and planning, and tax and estate planning. Additionally, we are a Registered Investment Advisor firm, and as such, we skillfully exercise our fiduciary responsibility when building and maintaining a portfolio.

In good faith, we always place a client's interests first and foremost--an insightful contrast to broker-dealer firms which are held only to a standard that requires products be merely appropriate for clients, but not necessarily suited to their best interest. As an independent firm, we operate at a higher standard, receiving no compensation from any financial institution for our investment management services. This ensures our investment advice is fully transparent and free from any conflict of interest. And as certified public accountants, we understand more fully the tax and estate issues involved. We believe all of this makes our practice unique and puts us in the best position to become a client's most trusted advisor.

Describe, in general, an ideal client for your practice:

Our ideal client seeks an advisor who offers the perspective necessary to properly plan their future and then effectively implement that plan. They understand that with an academically based passive portfolio, they will gain newfound confidence in their investment strategy. They expect regular communication and state-of-the-art reporting to educate them concerning the current markets, and as a result, are able to remain disciplined when making significant decisions.

What is your investment philosophy?

Our approach to investing is sophisticated and straightforward--uncommon yet powerful. We are fully committed to a passive investment strategy and often use low-cost institutional managers who construct passive asset class mutual funds and core equity funds. We diversify broadly to significantly reduce non-market risks. We believe the most important factor determining a client's investment outcome rests in asset allocation. Our investment philosophy is based on a unique frame of reference and these four basic concepts of modern portfolio theory:

* Markets process information so rapidly when determining security prices that it is extremely difficult to gain a competitive edge by exploiting market anomalies.

* Over time, riskier assets provide higher expected returns as compensation to investors for accepting greater risk.

* Adding high-risk, low-correlating asset classes to a portfolio can actually reduce volatility and increase expected rates of return.

* Passive asset class fund portfolios can be designed with the expectation of delivering over time the highest expected returns for a chosen level of risk.

Describe your financial planning process:

We utilize an astute four-step process. The first is to understand a client's current circumstances, including their financial values and goals. During step two, we help them set long-term objectives. In step three, we plan asset allocation and strategy. Step four ensures that ongoing communication and reporting are in place; we stick to the plan and enhance client understanding throughout the process.

What is your risk management philosophy, given the volatile market conditions we are encountering?

Our risk management model is to assess with a client their willingness, ability and need to take risk--to identify their true vision. Then, with that vision set. we build a portfolio designed to give the highest expected return, based on the risk level taken--invariably maintaining higher perspective every step of the way.

Describe the cost structure for your service:

Fee-only investment management.

Pictured left to right

Ashlyn Cann: Administrative Assistant;

Wayne Barben, CPA, PFS: Advisor;

Julie Anderson, CPA, PFS: Advisor;

Tim Christensen, CPA, PFS, AEP: Advisor
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