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Squash to Sample: A great way to familiarize yourself with the many types of winter squash is to visit a local farm stand or farmers market and sample whatever's on hand. Here's some basic information to get you started.

* ACORN: Acorns have a nutty flavor. They don't store as long as other winter squash and are best eaten within a month or two of being harvested.

* BANANA: Large and long, banana is one of the sweeter types of winter squash. It stores well, usually lasting for at least three months.

* BUTTERNUT: One of the more familiar winter squashes, butternuts store for a long time, have a sweet flavor, and are easy to find at the store or market.

* 'CARNIVAL': With its splashy colors, this squash cultivar makes a great fall decoration. The flavor is similar to a butternut, and it has a tough skin that's great for longer storage.

* DELICATA: Although delicata types only store for about three months, they're easy to cut open and the skin is edible. They have a delicately sweet flavor.

* HUBBARD: Large with very thick skin, Hubbards are one of the best storage squashes. In ideal conditions, they can last six months or more. They're similar to, but not as sweet as, butternut squash, and usually require pre-cooking to cut open. For an easier-to-slice Hubbard, try 'Red Kuri,' a smaller squash that's sweet with a nutty aftertaste.

* 'JARRAHOALE': This bluish-gray pumpkin is mildly sweet with melon-like overtones. The cultivar can be tough to cut open and may benefit from pre-cooking, but will have a long storage life.

* KABOCHA: These small, pumpkin-shaped squashes have a long storage life. The red cultivars are sweet, while the green cultivars are more savory.

* SPAGHETTI: Most notable because its flesh easily shreds into vegetable "noodles," spaghetti squash stores well for several months. Despite its name, the flesh doesn't taste like spaghetti noodles; instead, it has a mild flavor that's similar to yellow summer squash.

* 'SWEET DUMPLING': Small and compact, this striped squash is single-serving sized and tastes similar to a sweet potato. It stores well for 3 to 4 months.

* TURBAN: With their unique and colorful exterior, these squash are often grown strictly for decoration--but their flesh is delicious, with a mild, nutty flavor. Turban squash have a tough skin and will store until spring, but may benefit from pre-cooking.

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Date:Nov 1, 2018
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