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Square eyes.

Each week we look back at our favourite TV shows. From soaps, dramas and reality telly to quiz, cop and kids' shows, some have become our friends.

It never reached the heights of Star Trek but the 70s British-made sci-fi series is finally being given its place in the annuals of space.

Work is under way on a remake of the series, now named Space 2099.

The last production by the partnership of Thunderbirds duo Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Space 1999 saw 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha being hurled into space after a nuclear explosion. Starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, the cast also included Catherine Schell.

Growing up in the 70s it was the most exciting show on television.

With more action and explosions than Star Trek, it also had some of the scariest aliens, who are probably giving their grown-up fans nightmares still.

Who will forget the white-eyed, screaming tentacled monster in Dragon's Domain, who chewed up and spat out humans, leaving realisticlooking dead bodies. All this was happening way before the 9pm watershed had being created.

Or the aliens in Bringers of Wonder who pretended to be loved ones but were actually goey-looking monsters.

Space 1999 may not have had the same science-fact savvy and humour of Star Trek, but it was punchier and had the greatest theme tune of all.
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Date:May 5, 2012
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