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Squadron spotlight.

GROUP/SQUADRON NAME: Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) 1 Star Lifters


BASED OUT OF: Naval Air Facility (NAF) Washington, Joint Base Andrews


MISSION: Provide safe, reliable, and effective on-demand senior leader airlift to the Department of the Navy through the Secretary of the Navy's service secretary-controlled aircraft.

BRIEF HISTORY: VR-1 was commissioned to provide executive air transport using DC-3 aircraft. The Star Lifters began with just four officers and 22 enlisted, tasked exclusively to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). By 1960, the squadron had grown to more than 40 Sailors and was assigned all executive air transportation missions for the Washington, D.C., area. In 1980, the Star Lifters acquired the C-27 LearJet aircraft, considered one of the most modern aircraft of its time.

Today, VR-1 supports international travel for the Navy's senior leaders, foreign dignitaries, congressional delegations, and others such the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Responsible for on-demand Navy executive air travel to any location worldwide, the squadron operates two Gulfstream IIIs (C-20D) and three Gulfstream 550s (C-37B). The Gulfstream 550 is capable of flying non-stop from Tokyo, Japan, to Washington, D.C., in less than 14 hours.

VR-1 is a hybrid squadron in virtually every aspect and accomplishes its mission with civilian contractors performing I maintenance, while fulfilling its mission requirements with an integrated team of Navy and Marine Corps personnel.


NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN UNIT: 79 (64 Sailors, 14 Marines, and 32 civilians)

SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS: In 2012, VR-1 accomplished critical, high-profile missions with a 100-percent completion rate. This achievement was attained while executing 3,240.1 mishap-free flight hours, despite operating with one less asset for the entire year because of depot-level maintenance requirements. VR-1 was also awarded the Gulfstream Alber-Rowley Trophy, which is the outstanding flight award for the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

The Star Lifters have played a pivotal role in overseas contingency operations. From 2001 to today, VR-1 has flown an average of 20 missions into and out of critical combat areas. In 2007, VR-1 detached to Al Udied Air Base, Qatar, flying over 320 combat area hours while supporting Central Command's deputy commander. VR-1 also executed the first Fleet Logistics Support Wing det. to Kabul, Afghanistan. This four-month det. supported Commander, International Security Assistance Force, culminating in more than 386 combat area flight hours.
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Publication:Naval Aviation News
Date:Jun 22, 2013
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