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Sputnik Partners with Gemtek Systems to Deliver Carrier-Grade Access Point with Wi-Fi Management Software.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sputnik, a leading provider of managed Wi-Fi software and hardware, today announced immediate availability of the Sputnik AP 220, a carrier-grade access point based on Gemtek Systems (TSE:4906) model P-520. The new access point runs Sputnik's award-winning Agent software so that it can be centrally managed over the Internet, out of the box. The Sputnik AP 220 is designed for maximum coverage for large wireless venues such as hotels, multi-tenant dwellings, dormitories, and businesses.

A Sputnik-Powered network using the Sputnik AP 220 was demonstrated in the Gemtek Systems booth 533 at Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in San Jose, CA.

The Sputnik AP 220, like all Sputnik-Powered access points, can provision itself, authenticate end users, and participate in a centrally managed wireless network. End users who join a Sputnik-Powered network are tracked by Sputnik Control Center server software, which supports a variety of billing and roaming options.

"We view the partnership with Sputnik to be important, because together we are leading the way in bringing to the market public-facing wireless networks with the features needed by businesses and institutions," said Lee Wang, Gemtek Systems vice president. "Gemtek Systems access points have the power and range that keep costs down and performance high for network operators."

The high-performance Sputnik AP 220 access point with integrated high-gain diversity antennas can easily cover very large hotspots. It is IEEE compliant, enabling it to be powered over standard Ethernet cabling, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Wireless providers can purchase the Sputnik AP 220 directly from Sputnik's site. Alternatively, they can order P-520 units from Gemtek Systems distributors, and re-flash them with the Sputnik Agent, available for free from Sputnik and Gemtek Systems Web sites.

"For the first time, a business can have a wireless network with Sputnik management features and high-performance access points built by Gemtek Systems," said David LaDuke, Sputnik CEO. "Our customers can choose whether they want to purchase a fully integrated system from Sputnik, or buy Gemtek P-520s and re-flash them so they plug-and-play into a Sputnik-powered network."

Sputnik is a fast-growing startup whose Wi-Fi software centralizes the wireless network and subscriber management tasks for a growing list of public-facing business and institutions. Sputnik networks are in place at over 750 hotels, colleges, transportation sites, and commercial locations all over the world.

Sputnik Software Manages Wireless Networks

System integrators, Internet service providers, education institutions and businesses choose Sputnik for building cost-effective wireless networks with full network management features. Sputnik provides these features through its innovative software:

--Sputnik Control Center software running on an Intel-based server in the operator's data center, or

--SputnikNet hosted service, which provides all of the features of Sputnik Control Center on an ASP basis, and

--Sputnik Agent software embedded in wireless access points such as the Gemtek Systems P-520

Together, these software components enable plug-n-play provisioning of new Sputnik APs onto the network, remote configuration and software updates, user authentication, bandwidth tracking, and user policy management. Even a widely dispersed Sputnik network can be managed over the Internet through a secure Web browser. Sputnik support of open, standard interfaces means operators can easily integrate Sputnik into a variety of third-party authentication, billing, roaming, and network management systems.

"Sputnik brings wireless network management software to the public-facing businesses and institutions who need flexibility and functionality at an affordable price. Only Sputnik lets a wireless provider expand a network as his business grows, simply by putting access points anywhere on the Internet," said David LaDuke, Sputnik CEO. "Our customers love Sputnik because we help them keep capital and operating costs low."

Price and Delivery

The Sputnik AP 220 is available immediately for $199 at Sputnik's online store. Free Sputnik Agent software for the Gemtek Systems P-520 can be downloaded from both Sputnik and Gemtek Systems Web sites. Sputnik Control Center software licenses and SputnikNet subscriptions, either of which is necessary to operate a Sputnik-Powered Network, can be purchased from Sputnik at

About Gemtek Systems (

Gemtek Systems is a subsidiary of Gemtek Technology Corporation (TAISDAQ: 4906), the world's largest independent manufacturer of wireless LAN solutions. Gemtek Systems designs and builds complete customized wireless infrastructure solutions that give public access providers around the globe a head start in the rapidly evolving wireless Internet industry.

About Sputnik (

Sputnik Inc. provides the leading software platform for wireless networks and applications designed for businesses, service providers, and institutions. Remote network and subscriber management allows cost-effective operation of multiple indoor and outdoor wireless venues. Sputnik launched its commercial products in November 2003 and has gained over 300 customers, many of whom are engaging in major deployments. The privately held company is based in San Francisco.

Editor's note: a data sheet with specifications for Sputnik AP 220 can be found at
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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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