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Springing forward: ADAA continues to expand and prepare for the future in dental assisting.

It's spring and that's when things start growing. Right now the American Dental Assistants Association is growing in every way imaginable. We just finished a string of regional dental meetings where we presented educational round tables that help to grow our reputation as America's No. 1 source for dental assisting education. We also hosted membership booths that helped to grow the numbers that make it possible for us to provide education, legislative support and insurance protection in matters of professional liability.

We're growing our library of publications, too, as we have just added ADAA Business Beat to our list. This free publication is for those in the administrative and management end of dentistry and will soon be published exclusively on the Internet. In the meantime, however, if you haven't already signed up for your no-cost subscription to ADAA Business Beat, please send an E-mail to and provide both your E-mail and postal address. We'd like to have you aboard.

There's so much more we can do if we have a larger, ever-growing audience or membership to serve. We're working on ways to bring everyone in the dental assisting profession into the realm of ADAA. This is the way we can truly serve your profession and make it grow as we serve the dental team and America's dental consumer.

At a recent, historic meeting of the ADAA Board of Trustees your leadership considered ways of expanding and improving your association and its influence and impact that could forever change ADAA for the benefit of its members and for all.

In the coming months, your trustees will be discussing these changes with you and those who will represent the ADAA at our national convention this fail, your state's delegates. We will provide you with the information to evaluate our proposed changes and we hope that we will provide you with the insight you will need to support our growth and success.

A ship floating at anchor will eventually decay. We cannot allow this to be the future of the ADAA. We have the talent and know-how in our leadership and membership to set a course for incredible future growth, success, expanded influence and ultimate benefit for the member, the dental team and public health care.

Please watch your Journal for future developments and stay in touch with your leadership.

As always, I welcome your communication and feedback at

Stephen E. Spadaro

ADAA President, 2008-2009

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Date:May 1, 2009
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