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Springfield 67H.

I have a Model 67H Springfield 12 gauge pump shotgun and need an instruction manual and parts for it. Any advice where I can go?

Also, in the October 2016 Reader Forum about "Accuracy problems" and the Browning A-Bolt chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, I feel your given advice is good but the problem may also be indicative of a worn barrel. Using a borescope to see what's inside may also be prudent.

S. Shearman

Artesia, NM

For your shotgun, contact Numrich Gun Parts Corporation (, 866/686-7424) as they list a schematic, manual, and gun parts for the 67H. A Google search for "Springfield 67H" reveals a number of instruction manuals available for free download.

Your advice to consider a worn barrel and inspection via borescope is good, especially given the Magnum chambering.

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Title Annotation:READER FORUM
Author:Shearman, S.
Publication:American Gunsmith
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Date:Dec 1, 2016
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