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Springer Spaniel Spud jumps one wall too far; Vet's corner.

Byline: MARTIN PATERSON Veterinary Correspondent

SPRINGER Spaniels are a very aptly named breed and Spud is a typically exuberant spaniel.

At eight years old, most breeds are slowing down but Spud, being owned by a gamekeeper, is a very fit and lively dog.

When Spud is out for a walk he is the kind of dog who runs five miles for every one of his owner's miles and so when he followed his nose and diverted from the path and jumped over a 2ft-high wall nobody was too worried but when spud landed on the other side, he let out a curdling yelp and hobbled back to his owner on three legs.

His owner carried him back to the car, phoned the surgery at Maple Street and brought him straight down to us.

Spud is a tough dog and was very stoic but as soon as I felt his elbow, he let out a cry. Carefully, I felt over his joint and there was a definite crunching deep in the joint.

Springers can be prone to fractures through the surface of the joint in the bottom portion of the humerus and an X-ray of Spud's elbow confirmed the injury. Because the fracture involved the joint surface, the whole joint was badly distorted.

After discussion with the owner, Spud was taken into theatre where I managed to relocate the portions of bone and used a screw and small pin to hold the fracture in reduction.

It will take six to eight weeks for the fracture to heal and during this time, Spud will need to be severely curtailed.

Initially, he has a programme of flexion and extension exercises to perform with his owner and will need strict confinement but, if all goes well, he should be back to wall jumping in a couple of months.


| UNLUCKY BREAK: Spud''s leg (above) before surgery and (below) with a screw and pin fixed (S)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 19, 2012
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