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Spring-loaded gate swings uphill.

Gates that swing uphill usually run into the slope and leave scrape marks along the arc of their path. The driveway gates in the rail fence at Carolyn and Edwin Elder's Portland house had that problem--until the Elders turned them into spring-loaded parallelograms.

When closed, the new gates blend with the rest of the fencing (1-by-6s on 4-by-4 posts). Instead of nails to secure the gate rails to the vertical end 2-by-4s, bolts run through the 1-by-6s and the 2-by-4s. (Top and bottom rails are double, with one board on each side of the 2-by-4s.)

One bolt secures the end of each rail: at the hinge end, the bolts run through near the bottom; at the other, they run through near the top. Washers fit between the boards; double nuts lock the bolts in place.

The ends of each rail were cut at an angle. These cuts and the bolts allow the boards to pivot upward when the gate is opened. To hold the gates closed, 2-by-4 spacer blocks on a short 1-by-6 extending from one gate lower in place between the double top rails of the other one.

To counterbalance the gates for easy lifting, heavy-duty springs attached near the top of the hinged edge (between the double top rails) angle toward the bottom.
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Date:Jul 1, 1985
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